just wondering if anyone knows

just wondering if anyone knows which CFLer, currently playing, was drafted highest in the NFL Draft? thanks for any responses.

There are a couple of NFL first round picks on the Argos this year:

R Jay Soward on the Argos was a 1st round NFL pick (2000, Jacksonville, 29th overall)

Andre Rison (Indianapolis, 1st round, 1989 22nd)
John Avery (Miami, 1st round, 1998, 29th)

That's all i could find for now. Anybody got someone who can beat 22nd overall?

I may be dreaming but didnt the Als get the first overall pick way back in the 80ies. It really rings a bell.
That was back in the day when the CFL payed more than the NFL.

Found it.
Tom Cousineau was drafted 1st over all by the Buffalo Bills in 1979
He played for Montreal from 79-81
Check out this quote about salary

“I wanted to play in Buffalo. I really did. I didn’t expect them to match the offer I got from Montreal, because it was very good. We told the Bills that if they were just close to that offer, I’d stay.

“But the Bills came back with an offer that was less than half that of Montreal’s. I didn’t want to make it about money. I really didn’t. Like I said, though, the thing just got off in the weeds right away and never came back out.�

We are never going to see that again.