Just wondering about the SMS

Good question, now players in the post season are not paid by the team, they get paid by the league, so that must has some factor on it. If their contract said you get a bonus if we win the Grey Cup, then yes that should be part of the SMS. Not sure how the Ring thing should be handled? Is it done by the team or the league?

I am not sure what you mean by
'players get paid by the league
in the off season' leeing, but

has anybody mentioned the idea

of having awards of monetary value
awarded for all-time CFL records

paid for by the league
not individual teams?


BTW, the CFL head office would have to
generate enough revenue to afford it.

During Tom Wright's regime, a big sore point
with several team owners was CFL head office
wasn't generating revenue to distribute to teams.

I wonder whether it is improving?

Sorry I meant post season.

edit, hey I did say Post Season!!! Players are not paid by their teams for the playoff games, they get payment by the league based on which side of the win they are on.

Brendan Taman was asked last year why he didn't buy Stegall a Navigator or something nicer than a 35k van for breaking the CFL record and he said the van went against the salary cap and since he isn't Tillman he couldn't fit anymore under the cap.

I'm pretty sure Grey Cup rings would be an exception though.

Regina and the Province are from an economic perspective sizzling! House prices are going up, the Province is seeking out skilled people, this is no longer a "have not" Province!! The Province no longer receives transfer payments from Ottawa.