Just wondering about the SMS

Does every team in the league have to follow the 4.2 cap...or does teams like Toronto have a slightly larger cap because of the cost of living. The cost of living conditions in Toronto would be much higher than in Saskatchewan for example.


Income tax
Sales Tax
personal contracts (marketing,sales,deferals, side jobs)

None of it taken into account, everyone can be as "creative" as they would like provided auditors can't see it or catch it.

I think many of the Argo players, for instance, have their salaries bolstered by sponsors who provide off season jobs. Since these are outside of the CFL, I don't think they will be factored in as part of the SMS. Most players are developing other careers in the off-season.

In Dave Dickenson's original BC Lion contract, he got a $150k CFL salary (the max. salary allowed at the time), plus a further $200k+ being paid through one of owner Braley's construction companies (he owns 114 companies), for "marketing". This contract was fully approved and registered with the league. Today, the total amount might count towards the SMS, but players are allowed to have off-season income which has nothing to do with the CFL.

I'll just give one example of why the SMS can't work.

2007 Milt Steagall a CFL great no question retires. He is given a 35 000.00 Minivan.

2008 Milt Steagall is playing :smiley:

is the 35k included in the Bombers player compensation?


If the bombers gave it to him, it would have to be included. If a sponsor gave it to him, then no. Depends on whether there was any cost to the Bombers. So yeah it is a bit screwed up>

I still believe that for the SMS to truly work there needs to be disclosure of salaries. There is no check or balance to make sure that money is not being "hidden" for teams to comply the the cap.

BTW, DoubleBlue, the 4.2 million is for this year. Last year it was 4.05 million, and teams have yet to be audited for verification of salaries from last year.

Good grief man, Stegall didn’t retire, he got the van for the TD record.

Good example with the van though, one would have to think it would count against the cap.

I personally believe that the first real year of the SMS was set too low. I just hope that when the salaries are disclosed for each team that such disclosers are clear in terms of base salary, bonuses, and benefits. For the first few years this will be a process until each team realizes how to better manage.

Not a bad deal in terms of product for the money when considered to other professional North American leagues.


It was reported at the time that the van and other goodies he collected that day would count against the cap.
Personally, I think that just looks bad–the guy sets some all-time league records so you reward him and it causes the team cap problems?
Doesn’t sound right to me…

And the salary cap was not set where it is by randomly selecting a number.
As with most leagues and most caps, it was set according to the CBA with the players and, correct me if I have the % wrong, but is 56% of the revenues the clubs generate, which is very close to the numbers in the NFL or NHL.
As revenues increase, so will the cap--as it did this year.

I suspect with the Stegall mini van it was like his truck he got the year before. It was on a long term lease. So the total cost for the year is like 3 or 4 thousand. This also helps out at tax time.

The difference with this vehicle compared to the other one, is they gave him the first one for as long as he was a Bomber.

Sounds perfect to me.
Seems to me every team has a sponcer or two. With out this rule, the teams could have the sponcer pay salaries in exchange for advertising space on the field.
If you are going to have a cap, then everthing mut be counted.

As a simular note.
Over the christmass holidays, the Canadians had a long road trip.....The Canadians used to send wifes and girlfriends along on such trips but has since cancelled it because it counts torwards the cap

Seems to me like it will be difficult to do the accounting for this deal. I guess they will see how it goes for a couple years and evaluate.

But when I hear “creative” coming out of agents mouths…

No one is arguing that perks like vans or other gifts, even from sponsors should not count against the cap.
All I was saying is it seems rather silly to have what is essentially a league event, a celebration of record breaking accomplishments, and that counts against the cap?
It's stupid...
Did the cost of flying in Milt's family count? What was the street sign worth, or the plaque?
If Winnipeg ends up 300,000 over the cap because of Milt's van, do you take away a draft pick?
Thanks for breaking the record, Milt...by the way, your team loses a draft pick...thanks for coming out...

Or let me put it this way, does anyone have a problem if bonuses received by a player for setting league marks in career catagories are exempt from the cap?
Let's write it right into the rules:
7-1.a) In the event a player breaks a career record and his team honours said player with financial reward, those rewards will not count against the cap.

I think the league and their forensic accountant are capable of separating out such rewards from actual cap related issues.....

Actually I have a problem if they dont count.....There are 2 many ways that teams will be able to use it to their advantage

I don't think trying to catagorize a bonus is a valid argument. Who is decide if it a career milestone and against what standard do you measure it.

For example: do take passing and say it is single season record for the league or for the team or say single season records aren't good enough, they must be career stats only. Are they the career stats for league or for the team or for the player.

The system is working fine, a plaque or street name has no real monetary value so don't see it counting against the cap. But a vehicle definitely.

Like what?
The only career record of any note that will be broken this year, will again be courtesy of Milt--career receiving yards.
I am unaware of any other significant records that are in jeopardy.
So in 2008, there is one case, and one case only where a team could "abuse" that exemption.
So give me further examples AND tell me how a team could abuse it?
Obviously, if Winnipeg tried to claim Milt's entire salary this year as exempt, because "they knew he would break the record", or even if they tried to build in a portion of his salary that way.
But as I said, that type of thing would be just as obvious to the league as any other type of "perk abuse".
If the Bombers wanted to abuse the SMS, there are far more clever and devious things they could do than a public gift giving....

So I presume then, that the rings the players will receive this year for winning the cup will count against the cap.
They most definately have monetary value--I'll guess 10,000+.
Times 50 players--500,000.
No wonder the Riders are over the cap....

And I asume this is a rhetorical question:

Who is decide if it a career milestone and against what standard do you measure it.
Or just a stupid one?

I wonder if you asking "or just a stupid one?" is not a tiny bit stupid.

Tell me does a field goal kicker get a paid bonus free of charge for kicking 61 yard field goal and how about following it up with a 62 yard one.

Or if Joseph had passed Flutie last year with single season rushing touchdowns, did that merit a bonus.

Or what about Johnson for tieing the record for interceptions in a grey cup game.

These three examples would all be CFL records and all be legitmate career stats. And have proven in some cases to actually be around for some time.

The league has stats that are based on career achievements or based on single season achievements or based on individual game achievements. Where is the line drawn and what standard do you measure it.

In terms of the post season, I am sure those rules have been defined by league. Because, I suspect it goes beyond just the rings, it goes to the play off pay cheques as. But sorry I don't know those rules so I can't comment on how the rings will work. But if you want to know, why don't you run off and find out.

How is it obvious?
I dont know what Milt makes but for argument sake lets say 200K.

All the Bombers have to do is put 100K on the books and then they give him 200K more when he breaks the record.

This all allows the bombers to spend 100K somewhere else and to entice MIlt to come back for 1 more year!
They spend 300K and only 200 of it goes on the books.

AC broke 50,000 yards last year and he will take over 2 place all time. What is to stop the Als from using these? If one was to look hard enough, there are plenty of records that can be used. Is the league supposed to spell out which can be used and which cant?

If the league has a cap then EVERY dollar has to count towards it....Otherwise just get rid of it or its pointless!