Just Win!

I dont care about all the excuses. We are rebuilding, we are becoming a team, we have new players, new system, new coaches, .....DONT CARE....JUST WIN. We have been long suffering fans of this team and we are sick and tired of supporting a loser. JUST WIN BABY!!!

Just win ? hell i would be satisfied with a touchdown !


:lol: :thup: :rockin: TD TD

This kind of statement was very common last year. And we all know how our record turned out. It looks like more of the same this year. So far, we lost by 28 in Calgary and we lost by 25 at home. Yikes.

Hang in there Cats, you have a better team this year.

How do you know we have a "better" team this year? I haven't seen anything on the field that confirms that!

Where are those two receivers that we got from the Riders? (French & Anderson) Why aren't they playing?

We'll I'm glad I have to miss the next two homes games. Saturday night games in the summer suck. Hopefully the team will be better once I'm back on labour day! They have 2 months to improve.

Which is when we'll be out of playoff contention... again.

Hello...anyone home?...winning is not in the vocabulary of the Hamilton Baby Kitty Cats. They are a bunch of losers.
Find some other interest in your lives. I hope no one here actually pays money to see these guys fall all over the field in embarrassment?
I offer you my condolences.