Just Win Baby!!!

The Cats will finish in first place if they can win out the season.
The Bummers who are having serious probs at QB and RB are vulnerable.
We can beat the Als at Montreal and win the season series and get on a roll!
With improvements to our Defence and our great new additions to the Offence
Our steady kicking from Money Medlock, we can do some serious damage to finish the season.
This team has a bunch of talent and is capable of going all the way!!

Hows that for positive thinking. :wink:

Sound good to me Grover, I'm with ya. :thup:

While I would love to see that happen....for me, the true test will be this next game against the Argos. Which Hamilton team will show up? It seems that after a big win, the Ticats come out flat. And this next game is in TO and, while the Argos record looks quite pathetic...I expect them to come out hard. They seem to play above their level whenever they play the Cats. It's almost as if no other games mean as much as the games against the Cats...they could lose all other games but to win against the Ticats means everything to an Argo.

Sorry for sounding so pessimistic. Although I'm not saying the Cats will lose. But this will NOT be an easy win.

Still a chance to finish at 14 - 6!!

Agreed. Count me in Grover. :rockin:

I’m with you Wallace … Saturday’s tilt is a statement game … we have to learn to win on the road and beat teams that are below us in the standings.

We cannot afford to lose this contest.

This is a home game for us. There will be more Ti-Cat fans than Arblows. Can't stand Cory Boyd. He says he will try to get 200 yards against us. Simple solution, tackle at the knees. That will shut him up.

Im with Wallace and Diesel27 Saturday is a huge game for the cats. If they can come out and play like we all know they can I think they can do some real damage in the final 6 games. MTL and WIN are real banged up so if you ask me its ours to take in the east.

That would be great, but I'm thinking 9-9 will be the end result.

I'll predict 10-8 as they will rebound in the stretch.

And with a break here and there, possibly a Grey Cup appearance.

Hope my prognostications are correct! :thup: (what, no crystal call smilies?)

While hoping the team goes 6 - 0 down the stretch, 4 - 2 would be okay with me. No, I don't accept mediocrity, I hope the team runs the table. The hottest team in October likely will do the best in November. :wink:

Same sentiments here..

While, I would prefer a 6-0 or 5-1 finish, it may not be realistic (for any team for that matter)

Either way, as long as the Cats make the playoffs and win the Cup, I'm a Happy Cat Camper. :smiley: