Just when I thought I heard it all about IWS security...

Well, just when I thought I heard it all about the overzealous security folks at IWS I experience this.

My sister worked late so couldn't come down the game till the 4th quarter. When she got there - ticket in hand - the security guard wouldn't let her in. "No entry in the 4th quarter," he proudly boasted, his chest proudly sticking out like a rooster.

At first, she thought he was just clowning around. But, nope this guy was for real, saying it was a policy of the Tiger-Cats. Naturally, she asked to speak to someone from the organisation but was denied.

Fortunately, she had her cell phone and rang me and my family in the stands. Sorry, sis, but I couldn't help but laugh when you told me your predicament.

Anyway, I went down to fan services and asked them if indeed the Cats could have such a ludicrous policy. The two guys there were extremely helpful and were able to fetch me someone from the organisation who confirmed there is no such a policy. He then met my sister at the gate and let her in. Phew, my sister was able to enter the stadium. (At least she was able to catch the tail end of the game!).

Sadly, the same security staffer turned away a couple while my sister awaited to be let in. I can just imagine how they felt.

Kudos to the two guys from the fan services booth and the gentleman who was able to rectify our situation. But, someone's got to give the security peeps a crash course on common sense, customer service, and maybe even a low-down on policy!

Jesus…unbelievable!! What would make someone even think there’s a policy like that? And, its the 4th quarter…why would he care!!!

These constant IWS Security foul-ups makes the whole operation appear bush-league.

I will be attending IWS next Thursday night to catch the Argos play. When I produce my ticket at the gate I am sure the Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" episode will cross my mind....single file..look straight ahead...don't make eye contact....don't smile.....

They'll know you're an Argo fan. :twisted:

An Argo-Cat fan

I have found it much better the last two games. This appears to be an oddity- were there no other guards around of was this guy the head peacock?

WTF!!! So last Friday was about 30 degrees and sunny at game time - so obviously I'm going to bring some water with me if I'm going to be sitting for 3 hours outside. And just on principal - I despise commercial bottled water.

Ohhhhhh no can't bring a resealable waterbottle in! The Gate Nazi told me to dump it out! I refused, at which point she physically barred me from entering! I was a hair away from giving her an ice cold shower right there.

So then she tells me I can re-fill it inside. OK where? I couldn't find a fountain - the only thing close was the hand washing station in the john. Would you drink the water from the hand washing station in the john at IWS?

I understand no outside food or drink - but these a-holes have to have some reason!!!!

I understand no outside food or drink - but these a-holes have to have some reason!!!!
You "understand no outside food or drink," yet you are complaining that they didn't let you in with "outside drink"....I'm confused

You're actually wrong in this situation and Security is right.

Who's to say that you didn't bring in a bottle of Vodka? Or some other kind of clear liquid? They can't physically taste or smell what you brought in (for safety reasons) so the best thing to remedy that is to ban all pre-opened bottles of liquid from entering the stadium.

Sealed water... okay.

Unsealed... no.

So my pre-mixed Bombay Sapphire martinis are a no-no?

Only decent water fountains are North side near the west washrooms. I haven't seen them on the south... are there any?

The topic of outside food/drink has been discussed on the forums ad nauseum. The "security" justification below is a moot point. Even if there is no reasonable justification from a security/safety point of view, the stadium management has the right to enforce arbitrary restrictions on what people bring into the stadium (except in cases where a particular restriction would be in violation of the law).

Yes, it is lousy customer service.

No, that will not stop them from enforcing the lousy policy.

What troubles me most is the original poster's story, where security staff made a policy claim that was directly contradicted by fan services staff.

8) If you have a ticket for the game you are legally entitled to enter the stadium at any time, be it before the game or even with 10 minutes left in the game !!
The Tiger Cat Football Club should sit down with these security people and get all these nonsensical problems straightened out before a lawsuit is taken out by someone whose rights have been compromised !!!

They don't like people coming late to funerals or Cats's games (which are pretty much one and the same these days). :twisted:

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Why am I reminded of Rosana Rosana Danna?

You can enter during the fourth.
The security guard (hired and regulated by the City of Hamilton) was wrong and a fool for inventing a non-existant policy. He's a dink, we established that.

The organization (Joke) stepped in immediately, and at a time when every fan in attendance counts Im sure their just tickled pink at having ticket holding fans turned away.
When the flags and horns were the issue of the day ticat security went to the city and had one rule changed and the other lessened considerably.
(only flag wavers with litle poles can come in)
I'd be pretty PO'd to be turned away at the gate at any point in the game but when team reps came and let me in we'd all walk away happy yukkin it up about what a dink the security guard was.

(barneyfife1) They don't like people coming late to funerals or Cats's games (which are pretty much one and the same these days). Twisted Evil

An Argo-Cat fan

Actually, Barney, funerals are more entertaining. There is no analogy for the sadness of a Ticat game.

It's nice to see the blame cast where it belongs. The security company screwed up - the Cats organization seemed to go to great lengths to correct the problem.

I LOVE that Gin... maybe we can find a way to make this work! lol

Plus, the food is better at funerals and the drinks are free (at least at the Irish).

funny since i saw some kid with a flag attached to a hockey stick....