Just What do The Ti Cats Mean? An Appeal For Calm

Well, some of the forums are getting a little heated so I thought I'd try a new topic.

I'm a retired soldier, 22 years in the Canadian Regular Force. Hamilton born and bred, I've cheered for the Cats all over the world. From the Golan Heights in an Austrian Army Camp to Nanisivik on Baffin Island thanks to CBC North. I've watched the Cats live by satellite in Germany 20 years ago and watched them by tape delay in Israel when tape delay meant that the tape came on a Herc a week after the game was played. I remember a time in Germany when the Stars and Stripes, American Forces daily newspaper, printed a Labour Day score wrong and credited the Argos with a win. The correction the next edition and the joyful twenty deutsch mark repossession from the suddenly defeated Argo fan was great. I remember coming to Civic Stadium as young as 5 to see the Cats and to this day part of Thanksgiving is the memory of lying on the floor in front of the TV while the aroma of turkey and pumpkin pie wafted though the house. Perc Allen and the Cats on CHML on brilliant fall days while in the backyard as a kid make me smile.
I'm 53 years old and haveseen a lot of good Tiger Cat teams and a lot of bad ones but you know what, I don't remember the bad ones for long, and I don't hate them. They're all the Cats and they're all from home. I came back home 10 years ago and wondered what Hamilton would be like after 20 odd years. It's great and so are the Cats.

What do they mean to you?

I loved your post well said Ti-cat fan.

when tape delay meant that the tape came on a Herc a week after the game was played.
Kinda puts a new twist on sports betting eh?....lol :lol:

Awesome post....time for some light stuff

As a newcummer all my respect is due as well as endured : learning is my aim and loving the game was it. Yesterday don't matter till it's gone...The futur sounds better, divided as we stands, between tv's and thoughts...Far away am i from the realm and thoughness of the CFL, but still hope to see my faves perform as well as a nobody. On paper, everybody knows, on the field...desperate ! What's right with holding on to the plan ? You don't take for granted the fans, but the players who could perform better. RW for quarterback.

and i won't answer to myself

Just wondering. Is your advertising campaign for RW just about over?



damn im starting some kind of wave...

i might need to lose the pic

sevenfootasu? do you know richie?

hell yea i know richie... i went to APP state wit him... he's the best QB the TiCats got... they need to quit playin around and put him in the the starting role, and then they would win the Grey Cup

Thanks for the memories. Boy do you bring back memories.
I too remember Perc Allen on the radio .. in the backyard in Grimsby on a crisp fall day. I used to go out after listening to the game or before it was over and practice punting my football. In the dark sometimes. I am female, so you know how far that was going to go!
I haven't been back for a Hamilton game since the early 1980's. I've been to a few Ti-Cats games in B.C. Place - yuck what a horrible stadium compared to Ivor Wynn. Last Hamilton game I got to see live was the 1999 Grey Cup and I only got to see that because I won a Vancouver Sun football poetry contest of all things to win two free tickets (great, on the 55 yard line behind the Hamilton bench). My poetry was an ode, of course, to the Ti-Cats. Every time I see a Ti-Cat home game on TV I get so homesick. Gawd I wish I could afford to fly back for just one game. Even the way the Cats are playing right now. Yeah, they're lousy, but just think ... you Hamiltonians actually get to go to a football game. Life is short. Enjoy while you can. Someday you may be far away, and never be able to get home. The Cats stink? So what! You're in Ivor Wynn swilling beer, on a warm summer night. It doesn't get much better than that in the amusement department. Believe me.

Hi johnnyl

Hey I remember watching Tiger Cats at CANLOG in the Golan Heights - 1989 Grey Cup game it was a 1 week delay. I knew the score but was hoping that the Cats would hold off Saskatchewan. Do you remember THE CATCH Tony Champion on the 3rd down gamble to tie the game - wow

I’m same age as you and grew up in Hamilton but left at 18 to join the military - still here in Ottawa. Don’t get gack to Hamilton too much to watch games anymore.
I was a kid at Civic Stadium watching Joe Zuger lead the Cats in the 67 East final - awesome.

Just hoping that we get football again here in Ottawa.


THANK-YOU for one of the best posts in the recent past. By making the TiCats more accessible for kids, and Ivor Wynne family friendly, we can only hope many kids will form similar memories.

I, too, remember those cool crisp days in the backyard after a Cats game. I'd pretend to be the Cats QB and get my brother to snap the ball, then have him run for a long bomb. Thanks for eliciting this great memory.


Thanks for the great post.
Ah yes. Those those crisp fall days when I was in high school (Central)in Hamilton. The downtown pep rallies. Players who were fixtures on the team. The incredible community spirit for the Tiger Cats. The intense dislike for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. It goes on.
I left Hamilton at the end of 1961 to join the RCAF and was left with TV coverage to get my Ti-Cat fix no matter where I was.
I was up in the Arctic with the CBC in the late 1970's and also thanks to Northern Service could watch my beloved team on TV.
I'm now retired and still not back in Hamilton but I'm only a couple of hours away. It would be nice to get to all the games but I'll have to settle for "once in a while".
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I think this team is in very good hands with Bob Young. Once we get the right head coach and a competitive team all this years lousy football will be quickly forgotten.

Johnny...thanks for the post, and thanks for your service on behalf of Canada...i'm 48 and your post brought back a lot of memories...vince mazza mangling the language in a charming way as perc allen's sidekick came to mind...attending games with my parents, who have both since passed on...hiking down the mountain (or riding the "pipe") to watch training camp...now the cats are part of my two kids' lives, even though we live in TO, as we have three season's tickets...i can't remember a more disappointing season, but I can't and won't walk away...it's too deep in the DNA...thanks again, for making our world a little safer, and this forum a little more uplifting... your post made my day.


AWESOME post! :smiley:

Mr62cats It's true next year will be better and this year will be memory.

The Cats will always be the cats ... and it's so true that being at IWS on aummer night is one of life's joys ... regardless of the outcome. Though it's much nicer walking home after a W.


Zoinks! Now there is a woman with her head screwed on straight. Where have you been all my life? :lol:

johnnyl - we know each other. Roto 80 TFG in Camp Faouar
(SDS Det). Watching the Cats on CFRT and on the old ticats.ca daily JUST ABOUT gave me my fix of the Cats.

VVV buddy...

No but you're so close RFTA 705 VVV

I have managed to attend at least one game in Hamilton since 1961 and this team is in my soul...it may have been hard at times to wear your hat and jersey and put up with the comments but I still wear them proudly>Having been fortunate enough to watch some fabulous teams over the years I must say that sitting in IWS and watching a game live still gets me going!Due to distance I can only get to a couple of games a year but they are the highlight of my year.If you are a fan of a team them dont just wear their colours...bleed them.....