Just wait till next year

With very little talent on defense and that includes coaching and an offense with no imagination, that can't protect a QB or block to get 18 inches, add that with a makeshift stadium. Can you spell disaster?

already criticizing about next season? we will get new defensive and offensive players for sure, wally will fix the problem, maybe they just had a bad year? i think they will dominate next season.

Hey what did you guys see this year???? There were changes on both sides of the field. When you had 17 players in the 30 plus range last year , things need to be changed. Wally had to get younger and he did that .
We had players playing for a defensive coach for the first time. We made major changes to the offensive line. What did you expect from this years team? Would you guys be complaining if Wally never made any changes this year and kept the old core for another year.
I look at it another way. Players that are on the team will gain valueable experience going into next year.

Perfect point, wally has, and will make changes, we had lots of new players, they will get more experience, and im sure wally will get some other players to make the team better. Like Hamilton last year, they did horrible, this year, not perfect, but are getting better and are in the playoffs due to some changes.

We need Obie back :cry:

We sure do :frowning: Where is he now anyway?

Do you think we also need Murphy back?

Screw next year - get pschyed for next week. That weasel Murphy isn't tough enough for us anymore we'll do way better without him.

haha, get psyched for next week if hamilton wins! but i like your attitude :slight_smile:

bc sucks..hahaahahahahahhahhahhah....oh by the way you suck!!!!!

Injuries at QB hurt us bad on offense. It takes time for a team to gel around a QB, but having to change every couple of games took its toll. Casey did a great job of stepping in - I can't wait to see what he can do next year (and possibly next week if all goes well).

On D, some more changes are needed. I say keep George and Glover and get rid of Marsh. Phillips was dominant in the past but seems to have gone soft this year. Johnson and Hunt also went soft midway through the season.

I heard printers is done for the season, I hope thats a rumor, because if Hamilton wins we need him.

Ya things can't get any worse. Let's get rid of Roy Shivers as he has found us nothing.

Re-build in the off season and lay the smack down next year!

It will be a tough year, Wally is not a good coach, that is clearly proven now, it was all ACKLES doing all the recruiting and handing WALLY the best talent in the CFL-

A good coach is measured by how many games he wins with his decisions and motivation--

Hmm- Wally made sure that BC was completely unprepared to play Calgary in game 1, then Winnipeg at Home and then Edmonton at home in the finale. I just wish WALLY would have just told everyone to not even bother coming to see this mickey mouse team--

How he puts GLATT back into the game I have no idea---

THis team lost more close games due to pathetic coaching, Mike Benevides cant even coach junior football, he just knows absolutely nothing about football--

Wally will collect his money, fire a few people and make his double salary from the COACH and the GM salary- He could care less about this team--

Defensive players? WHo exactly have they brought into the team that can play? Please Dante Marsh cant even play for the Surrey RAMS. Philips is soft, brent Johnson is ready to work for Sportsnet---

Its time to lose WALLY, he does not come through in any big games for the Lions, except for the one year they won the grey cup-- OTher than that WALLY comes out flat and he gets outcoached pretty much by every other coach--

Start by recruiting some real players, I dont know if they even look at defenders, but why cant they get some good new linebackers as both Armour and Mckenzie are average and not playmakers-- Hunt is washed up also---

Nice to see that Lionbashing is Cobra's flavor of the week. I guess he's tired of Eskimobashing for the time being.

If dude had his way, he'd cut everyone on every team and fire every coach and coordinator. A true fan and an impeccable evaluator of talent and performance.... LOL.