Just to set the record straight

Short fuse or not how about you and the other 32 mattsdad's or whatever the actual number is do us all a favour and GET LOST !!!

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I feel so sorry for "matt"

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Now what? Why all the hostility? I don’t get the anger. To be honest, if I didn’t know better, I would say it’s fake outrage. No reason for this behavior.

Which one ???

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You're right it's fake news just like you're a FAKE POSTER .

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Whatever bobo82. It’s your head, I’m
just living in it rent free

you think matt's dad has more than one son named matt?

I have 7, all named Matt.

then it is the 3rd one from the left that I am most sorry for :slight_smile:

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Did you end up keeping them?

Agreed ......


Took pictures and released the large ones. They're the breeding stock to keep the population healthy. I only keep relatively younger and smaller fish for eating. They are better eating anyway.


. . . and take that EZ football guy with you.

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The guy hasn't supposedly posted in eight years and after all that time he suddenly decides to magically reappear to post about somebodies fuse being too short ?

Gimme a break !!! :imp: :japanese_ogre:

because either his dad is who they say he is, or he is being misunderstood and disrespected. I have my guess but choose to remain neutral :slight_smile:

I have no trouble exposing him for what he is

Are you sure you're not perhaps actually really Matts dad himself ? Because it sure sounds like you are .

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FYB has been here for decades....its not him

Well how do we know that it's actually the real FYB ? Maybe his account was hacked ?