Just to set the record straight

Awhile back HFXTC posted that MLSE was the actual owner of the ALS. He repeated it often and was asked to provide proof. He never responded to those requests.

The other day I posted that I read that MLSE owns the ALS. Rightfully I was asked to state ' Where did I read those pack of lies". I said I read that here on this site as posted by a long term poster, HFXTC.

The thread was shut down for lack of proof. Why was it shut down when the original claim was allowed?

Can whoever locked it just come on here and post publicly why the difference? Thanks

I will chime in here.

Fully agree any post that makes a claim as fact without providing a link should be addressed and removed if untrue. Obviously if it's someone's opinion then it's a different matter.

When a new thread is started with something like 'MLSE owns the Argos', it's more misleading since that will always display and towards the top of the page with frequent new posts. What would a first time visitors to this site think seeing this?

Making that kind of claim in an existing thread will get buried in time making it the lesser evil.

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I fully agree with you.

It's just that one particular poster gets away with this sort of thing repeatedly.

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I believe it to have been sully. Seems to indicate that at the end of the thread.

Probably shut down because you guys won't let things drop, it's back and forth between you.
Just like this thread will be locked.............soon

Look at it this way
Retaliation always draws the flag
Never the instigator


Montreal Alouettes are owned by S and S Sportsco

Even if MLSE ever had an interest in the team it can't be true TODAY

(And last year the team had no owner at all as the CFL took over the team and it nearly folded, AGAIN)

Any interest MLSE had is a long time ago...

Also total tangent but MLSE itself is owned by a combination of Rogers and Bell Canada
They own both the Leafs AND the Canadiens
Maybe that is what you are thinking of?
Just confusing the Argos & Als?

I locked it. The reason for the inconsistency is unfortunately simply that I'm present on these forums inconsistently and see some things and don't see other things - and as @Mightygoose mentioned it's a lot easier for me to see new topics than find the same unsourced rumour buried in an existing topic.

Sorry about that (the inconsistency), though I think we all agree being locked for being inaccurate and unsourced is the right action in the situation.

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I thought the Als were just funded for a season as I seem to remember the Roughriders made a payment to the new owners.

I've looked, but all I've found is Stern saying, “I’ve been frank about it,” he said. “We bought this team and we’re well funded."

The league bought the Als from Wetenhall
They then sold it to S and S Sportsco

Why would the riders make a payment to the new owners?
When the league bought them, they made a payment to the old owners Wetenhall

Except that everyman's thread was neither inaccurate nor unsourced. He said he had read that MLSE was involved in the Als' ownership (and that is not inaccurate, he had in fact read that), and it was not unsourced, as he disclosed that he read it in posts from HfxTC.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You are scraping the bottom of the barrel on that one

Yes, I suppose. . . :slightly_smiling_face:

But what the hey, I'm in a good mood, caught a 31 inch, 14 pound walleye yesterday, and a 20 pound pike today.

Fishing vacations are what I live for.


a 14lbs walleye?

not many of those around, outside Bay of Quinte / Lake Ontario.

Great fish!

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Yes sir; have the pic to prove it!

On Eagle Lake, west of Dryden.

If you cant trust the info from a guy with a million posts who can you trust? :slight_smile:

well done!

we have caught 5 over 14 (biggest 14lbs, 11 ounces) but not one over 15. And all have been Lake Ontario/Quinte fish.

I truly can't imagine how beautiful a 14lbs walleye from a northern lake would be. Amazing. Fish of a lifetime!

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I certainly agree

Sully seems to have a short fuse.

Locking should be a last resort.