Just to piss people off lol....


in case you were not aware, take note of the QBs the Riders were testing out back then.

Yeah Jennings looked good but I think it was a combination of him having a game that everything went right and our defense not executing even to 50% good enough. IF we had gotten those missed sacks in the first half they probably don't get at least 10 points. That is significant on what happens for the rest of the game as it forces us into having to pass the ball and leaving the run game out of mix.

Time will tell if Jennings like Smith is the real deal or not. One game against a defense that a high school qb would look good means little.

IMO Jennings will be for real...And I am generally a person who pumps the brakes on a new QB.

So if he was in camp how does he get passed up and Tino allowed to continue? Are we that stupid that we make such obvious blunders?

the GM and Coach that were doing the evaluations , where are they today ? :oops:

they saw more hope in Doege I guess…in fairness it is a small window to shine…and perhaps they attempted and offer…who knows

Maybe Jennings had a real bad camp too but realistically not sure how they could have seen more in Doege, he did nothing last year either like Tino, maybe a bit worse if that is possibile.

yeah...i actually made it for a day because i was visiting some family near by, but can't recall much. I recall Tino looking good...same as he always does in practice. That is the only thing that really jumps to mind in recollection as far as QBs from back then. I think what they liked in Doege was his mobility. It makes sense when you consider it...Tino looked good in camp, he is a pocket guy (biting tongue not to say more there), Jennings is more of a pocket guy (shows the willingness to move that Tino didn't)...so those 2 were kinda in competition for that angle...Doege was more of a run and gun approach...I can respect taking it from a couple angles into camp. That is the problem with red shirting QBs in practice though

Be concerned about we have............not what we don't have.

Brett Smith............should have been put in the half but oh well? Kevin Glenn will start in Hamilton a very tough place to play. I hope the Riders lose and end this nonsense about playoffs. I for one want last place and the first CFL draft pick...........because after that we have to wait again until late 3rd round.

Jennings was at a Rider camp. Cato was getting attempts..............they are elsewhere. We picked up brett Smith and after we lose to the Cats Smith should finish our remaining 3 games. We'll get a better assessment of Brett as he mops up the season. He has a lot to learn but things look okay so far.

If we can build a lead or are getting killed..........maybe Price gets some game time to.

Then we wait over q 7 month updates about DD's leg and all that goes with that!!!!!!!!! It will be a long crappy off season. But don't cry over Jennings and Cato........they aren't on our team.

While I agree there is nothing that can be done about players that we had a chance at signing but didn't, it does go to show some of the issues the team is facing in the off season as far as getting the right GM and HC. The fact that we didn't sign these players maybe is just the tip of the iceberg of who else we missed out on. That is what needs to be strongly conisdered when hiring the new GM especially. It is one thing to be looking at a player and potentially considering them but someone else all ready have an inside track and its another to have a player sitting in your backyard and not doing anything about it.

That is what can not be ignored and when hiring both the GM and the HC there abilities to access players and their potential needs to be considered. If we can not do a good job of recognizing talent and at least trying to sign them then the mess we are in now will continue for years to come.

We all look at teams like the stamp and ask ourselves why they have a good team year after year after year. The biggest reason in my opionion is their scouting, GM, etc do a fantastic job of realizing prospects and their potential and then they do a very good job of developing it instead of just letting it slip through the cracks. If we want to have the same success we need to do the same thing.

Before our season started we had DD #1, Glenn #2, Tino #3............we kicked tires with Price, Doege, etc.

If you were a rookie American QB would you sign up to sit behind DD and Glenn. You CANNOT predict that within 30 minutes of football we would lose DD...........and then 5-6 games later lose Glenn.

These rookies are smart and pick where they think their best shot is.

BC............behind Lulay you have a 34 yr old who likely can't factor into a teams plan for long term.............better option than the Riders.

Montreal............a whole smattering of guys. Crompton as #1 but he is not bonafide. Tanner Marsh, Air Canada..........I like my chances there too.

You can't just crap all over the past decision makers without looking big picture................heading into this off season if we get rid of Glenn and run with Smith as #2 QB younger FA's might see the opportunity to settle in at #3..........instead of being a PR QB??

Rookies play wherever they get the opportunity and attempt to showcase themselves to the NFL