Just throwing it out there

I see that the Lions released Kalil Hill. Is this someone we should consider looking at or with the current stable of WR's, let him pass?

no, he was here before.



And when he was, I thought he played pretty well. But had a bit of an attitude problem if I recall correctly.

On another note, I see that the Lion signed O'Neil Wilson. Man...good luck to them cause when HE was here...hands of stone!!!

Mr. Hill had a problem getting his watch to keep proper time. Perhaps it broke again in B.C. Maybe he forgot to change it because of the time-zones.

Maybe the Lions need a ratio-buster. At least Mr. Hill could catch a football, if not a train, bus, or plane.

hahahaha that's priceless!

i think we should. he has been on bc and sask and didnt have any problems there.