Just thinking!

No db or receiver will look good on this team until we get stronger play from our lines. Having said that the receivers we have brought in look very disinterested in fighting for any footballs.
How nice would Armstead or Joseph have looked in a Ti-Cat uniform?
Why in two years has no coach been able to find a way to get Corey Holmes the ball?
Why do our Canadian receivers not get a chance to play? Every game I watch this season I have seen a young Canadian receiver getting some playing time but ours sit on the bench.
The scariest thing you could tell a football player in the CFL must be you have been traded to Hamilton. I would defiantly rent and not buy!

Leo I think your a couple weeks late for this rant. The line is steadly improving. Peter and Cedric are really coming together at the guard position. Jesse has been playing so well, I am sure its difficult to get Holmes the ball.

If you look at the first round of the CFL draft not many of those are getting playing time at all. Bauman wasn't the first overall pick because he could play today, he was that pick because of his potential. He needs a few games before he is ready.