Just think of our draft next year!

Hey all,
We will for sure have first pick in the draft...again,
and Sask. 1st rounder as well.
Maybe 1 and 2.

That now makes our 2 games against Sask. must win games.
Everyone else will get their points against us, and if we can win a couple from Sask. we should be looking at 1 and 2 in the draft!!

OK, I am really not excited about it. :cry:

yay, so we can have him released too, theres no good players in canadian drafts.. fantuz realy turned ut great didnt he..he sees the feild maby once a game..

The Ticats chose defensive end Shawn Mayne in the 2006 CFL Draft. He made the Ticat practice roster until being released last week. By the way, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers signed him on July 23/06. Perhaps Mayne provided some additional information to the Bomber coaches in preparing for the game against the Ticats- the Bombers seemed to anticipate every move the Ticats made last night.

In the 2006 CFL Draft, the Ticats also selected four players who still have one year of NCAA eligibility remaining:

Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, centre, Central Florida
Jermaine Reid, defensive line, Akron
Peter Dyakowski, offensive line, Louisiana State
Michael Roberts, defensive back, Ohio State

I think it is a little harsh saying that there is no good talent in the Canadian draft. (Wayne Smith #1 overall)

99% of all Canadians in the CFL came through the draft.

is it just me or does everytime we have a player in Hamilton and he goes to a different team eh does 100% better then he did here?

Cedric Gagne-Marcoux an offensive lineman,first pikc for the cats and they release him. Thats not right

I seen Fantuz catch 3 or 4 passes in a game and recovered an onside kick as well . Hell do great hes just getting his feet wet this season .

Pay attention - maybe three posts up there is one stating that he still has college eligibility. Most teams that draft a player who has a year left bring the player into training camp but send them back to college for his last year. They still have his rights.

Cedric Gagne-Marcoux was not in camp this season as he still has a year of NCAA eligibility remaining