Just The Facts

And they are as follows:--The Ticats MUST win three out of the next four or it's OVER. Forget who the coach is, heck, even if Stripes the mascot is the coach they MUST win three of the next four or for you guys I suspect it's hello NHL, and hello McMasters football, for me it will be hello Bowling Green and Northwestern football. So, lets pop a cold one and take a deep breath to see what happens during the next four weeks. P.S. This year there WILL be a west crossover team.

if they want to make the playoffs then yes 3 out of the next 4 games must be won.

Because of the crossover we are doomed no matter what we do.

Edmonton and BC, who I believe are at the bottom of the west right now, are teams with lots of life and spark that aren’t going to lay down for four games in a row like the pretenders who wear black and gold.

The only "facts" in your thread are that you like Bowling Green and Northwestern. The rest is supposition and opinion. The "fact" remains that the season isn't "over" until the day of mathematic elimination. Until then I for one will remain positive unlike the doom and gloomers on this site. I see good things with this team that haven't been there for a few years. Anything can happen in the CFL. That's why it's so good.

we win next two and keep within one game of argos.
then if we beat them labour day and are tied we own the tie-breaker.
definitely lookin like a crossover and i'm thinking calgary or edm. i think we need to aim for 2nd place and a home playoff game.
but just like to see us win thursday(for now).

yea lets just take this one game at a time.

and that one game is on thursday, which is no doubt, a must win.

As of today, BC and Calgary are at the bottom at 3-3 each, Edmonton is second at 4-2. Still doesn't look good. BUT, you guys are amazingly still just 4 points away from being tied for first place in the East....

Never count on a cross over. It's only happened a couple of times. I don't care what the standings look like right now. The West has been feasting on the East so far which is why the standings are skewed. When the West plays the West and East plays the East, the Eastern teams records will improve and the Western teams records will come back down.

I'd put money on their NOT being a crossover this year.