Just Start Bishop

Bishop is healthy now & there should be no discussion as to whether or not he starts on Labour Day.

Game one was already thrown away because he was on the bench, we can't afford to waste any more games by not starting our best qb.

Um... sorry, but the situation is a little bit different. It's not like Bishop has just been sitting on the bench waiting for his turn to start. He's coming back from a broken wrist. I wouldn't rush anything otherwise you guys could be without him for the rest of the season.

I realize he is coming off an injury, but he says he is healthy, the doc agrees & he is getting a good workload in practise. But he was sitting on the bench in game one waiting for his turn to start when he should have been playing.

Quote from the main page.....

"It is presumptuous to think that he could play as early as Monday," Toronto coach Michael Clemons said. "We have been cautioned by the surgeon to monitor his work week to see how he does, and not to overdo it this week."

Clemons suggested a decision could be made as early as tomorrow, after Bishop has thrown for three straight days. There are concerns about how his shoulder might cope with an increased work after a long layoff, though Clemons still said he was "cautiously optimistic about his ability to play on Monday."

While he may have been given clearance to resume play, it doesn't mean he's ready to start a game.....how about letting the coaches and doctors decide what is good for the health of his body first, before demanding he play in a situation he may or may not be able to physically handle? It's just a game to us, after all, but this is Bishop's career we're talking about here.....would you rather him wait an extra week on the bench and return completely healthy when ready, or throw him to the wolves and allow him to injure himself more severely than he already is if he isn't ready?