Just signed up

Just joined your site. CFL fan in Pennsylvania US. Looking forward to getting info on the Roughriders as it is hard to come by here in the states.

Welcome aboard!! Sit back and relax for now as it is a quiet time of the year but when free agency draws near things will start to heat up.

Don't be shy ( God knows I'm not) and add your two cents worth to any topic or start one of your own. We all bleed green here so sometimes the debates can get pretty "active" but it's all done in what we think is the best for the team and the fans.

So again come on in and join the party being a rider fan has its ups and downs but we stick by the team through thick and thin.


Thanks! I will not be shy no worries. The ups & downs are what makes it fun.

@RoughriderPA The revamped CFL site looks great on supported smartphones and tablets.

I also recommend the official Rider app. It connects me directly to CKRM radio broadcasts of games as I'm not a resident of Saskatchewan. I think it works in America too.

Hey welcome to the forums RoughriderPA, soon it will start heating up again as free agents become available. Always good to have members from other parts join in!!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and information. Looking forward to a great season.

I am looking for a place to purchase Rider gear here in the US. Have been unable to locate anyplace. Buying from Canada the freight almost doubles the price.


Come watch a game, then you can get all the gear yah want!!

I would wait though until next year and the new stadium.

I have used Amazon with free delivery before and had stuff shipped to the place in Cali.

If you are spending more than 99 bucks...http://www.cflshop.ca/
and I believe that includes the US. Don't take long to spend a hundred bucks on sports wear.

I know Lids also carries CFL stuff. They may not have it at your local store, but most are willing to bring in items for you.

Yeh, but the US dollar will more than make up fot that. Your getting about a buck forty in Canadian money.