Just showing off

Hello all,

I got a new tattoo yesterday that I'm really happy with. I posted it on Twitter, tagged the Ti-Cats and they responded with "Iconic Ink". So I thought I would share it with you. I'm also posting the original picture it came from. One of my favorite Ti-Cat pictures.




Looks great,but why no name on the jersey ? The one thing that makes that pic so iconic is the name on the back of that jersey. :smiley: :rockin: If you ask me that is one of the greatest pics ever taken in CFL history and definitely my all time favourite
So if you haven't already, please complete that great tat of yours by stitching on Big Ang's name over that #68 on his jersey :rockin:


Awesome tattoo. I was thinking the same thing about the name not being on the back of the jersey.

Looks great though!

Thanks for the comments guys. I thought long and hard about the name. But decided I really don't want someone else' name permanently on me. I actually considered, very briefly, putting Eat 'Em Raw in place of the name, but then thought that was stupid.

As far as adding it now, Can't tattoo white over black.

Awesome tat! :rockin:

I think you made the right call. Looks good!

nice job you do good work :thup:

no name needed everyone that is a fan of the CFL knows who it is :slight_smile: Nice ink man

That was exactly my train of thought BoLtz