Just say NO to conservative ideology

I'm fine with either the NDP or the Liberal party. I just don't want those conservatives in the office. I don't want Canada to become another America (well government wise).

It's bad enough down here how the conservatives run this country :frowning: .



Cheer's to the NDP...a party for the peaple..

You two have your opinions but seem to pick the two clown parties that will put us in the poor house. And where in theworld do you think the Conservatives are an american style government. Who pray tell is brain washing you.
Every province that has put an NDP government in has in the past screwed up the econnomic base in their respective provinces with years to repair that damage. The Liberals we have seen what they do spend or steal money to satisfy their needs not the peoples needs. Tell me is your government sending you money for christmas. Right they take. The media in eastern Canada has brain washed many people in the east to bad. Your nice people just confused. If Ontario and the Lib's keep bashing our trading partner I hate to see what will happen to your jobs.

Did anyone see the NDP commercial? THey said how the liberals will spend millions on gifts for christmas (or something) but the Canadian citizen wont see anything. Then explaining what to give the Liberals for Christmas, a boot falls onto the screen. It was kinda funny.

let me ask you guys something.
All I hear is how the liberals supossedly stole taxpayers money. I am not so sure about it because of too many discrepancies in the testimonies but lets say they did. When that happened there were 172 MNAs and 2 or 3 were involved. I hardly think that constitutes a party policy of stealing our money.
Do you really think that when Mulroney was in power no-one did any thing shady? Everything was done in the best interests of the country? Mulroney himself was accused of taking millions in kickback when the Government bought airbuses for Air Canada. I guess that don't count because he is a conservative. What about the NDP MNA who walked into a jewelry store and walked out with a $10.000 ring that he didn't pay for. Oh that doesn't count because he was not a liberal.

Outside politics we have athletes arrested for selling drugs and assault. TV personalities charged with murder and insider trading. Police who plant evidence. Clergy who..... well we all know what they do.

Do you guy really think that each and every one of the conservative party members are 100% honest and would never do anything that would benefit themselves.

The point I am trying to make is that there are crooked people in every party. The question is not what they will do but will they get caught.

Actually redwhite, it was the PC's that messed up Saskatchewan. They are the ones that put us into a HUGE debt. It is the NDP, that has brought back balanced budgets, Surpluses, and made us a "have" province (with a little help from oil)

I could never vote for the conservatives. It just is the opposite idealogy that I have.

;;;if you like an inferior medical system...vote for harper.....if you want a closer alignment to the States AND their wonderful war efforts......vote for harper....if you want a country devoid of ANY conservation ideals ...harper is your man....and I wish people who keep throwing out that bugaboo about the NDP. putting this country into bankruptcy.. would you please.just look at the parties who have been running this country for ions.....read my lips.....IT WASN'T THE NDP....

Billy, the PC's messed up Saskatchewan during a decade long drought..... the NDP came into power, and wow, look at that, no drought, agriculture comes back up, there's money in the province..... I wasn't old enough to remember all of it, but the people I talk to tell me that that's a big, big part of how things went. Obviously, as you said your vote is pretty much spoken for so I'm not trying to change your mind or anything, but I just thought I'd throw my two cents in on what I think happened in Saskatchewan.

Papa, it's funny you bring up the bugaboo about the NDP, yet you talk about what will happen with the conservatives in power without anything to back it up, at least from what I've read. Do you know for an absolute fact that the country will be completely devoid of conservation ideals? Even just looking at it from a business perspective, if every tree was cut down without replacing them, there wouldn't be much of a logging business down the road, would there? That doesn't make much sense to me.... and what's inferior about not waiting 2 years to have a hip replaced? Didn't Harper say he wouldn't have gone to Iraq just a little while ago? Just wonderin......

I hear alot of talking going on but nobody is really saying anything.......you guys must all be politicians.........lets be clear, the Liberals have not had an original thought since the days PET......the current Liberal regime has been running off of the PC platform established in the Mulroney years......the GST destroyed the PC party in this country, when Jean promised to get rid of it we all jumped on the band wagon.........anyway that is all acient history......my question to all of you is why the heck does this Liberal government need to record billions in surpluses every year.......have we not tightened our belts long enough........its time for some tax relief in this country.......frankly I dont care who wins I just want a break......I dont want to hear that more is going to be spent on social programs and blah be blah de blah its the bloody taxes that are going to put us all in the welfare line as that paycheque keeps shrinking........stop taxing the crap out of me already please......

Now that I agree with.
Enough with the taxes

.....hear hear.........hear hear.........

........and I agree witht he point that there is too much time being spent on how all the parties you will not vote for are full of bogeymen and thieves.........we seem to be falling into the same rhetoric the campaigners follow.......never about what one can do for the country, always about what those others guys are gonna do.......

Exactly. If the campaign was based on the platforms, ideas for the future etc it would be much better, but I guess it's one of those lowest common denominator things, if one guy hits below the belt, everybody else better otherwise they're not going to make it through.

you know it's funny how you seem to have amnesia about the coservatives record in govt' ...It's no secret about whom the states would like to see in power in this country...if you just listened to the U.S. amabassador to this country.... the other day....I would say his comments about Martin have made that pretty plain....if you want another Mulroney style sellout....(so called free trade deal and ask the peolple in the lumber industry about that one) AND another wonderful tax like the GST...LOOK AT HARPER for your leader....I would still have to look at the Liberals as the lesser of the two evils...and the vast majority of Canadians apparently agree with me...

Again you do know that the PM right now was the guy signing the cheques. Now if you signed out cheques would you not know where the money was going? I do not know about you but I keep track of my money and I am sure the finance minister at the time Mr. Martin knew where this moeny was going so please do not insult the intellegence of many Canadians. If you noticed a police officer was shot and killed yesterday did the gun registery help that officer no. The nut case was not to have a gun unless it was for huntung again stupidy of the Liberal government. RO next time you see a police officer just go ahead ask him what he thinks of the registry. He will most likely laugh you off the street.

Billy the problem in Sask was that the previous NDP party spent to the point when the conservatives were put in power it was way to late they had to spend more to try and fix the problem. If you look at your neighbors we have had a conservative government for what 25 years and each resident will receive a xmas gift of $400. Yes having a conservative government is tough. If you remember they cut everything many jobs lost but that was to fix what was broke. That was happening to Sask but they did not get to finish the job. The NDP will never form a government in Canada. They are there to split the vote nothing more. So you have a chocie pick wisely.

First of all Martin was cleared of any wrong doing. Of course you don't believe that because its Martin. Why did we spent 100 million on that commission. If Martin was found guilty everyone would say See I knew it. He was found not guilty and everyone says its a cover up. There was no way for him to win.

Second the Finance minister does not sign every check that the government pays out. That plus the fact that it was money laundering. A give a check to B who gives another to C who then gives cash back to B and A does not know about it. Add to that the fact that this was happening at the same time that Chretian was pushing Martin out because he was afraid for his job. Also does you boss know at all times what you are doing? Does his boss know at all time what you are doing I don't think so.

Third, What does the gun registry have to do with the cop in Laval? The gun registry was not meant to eliminate guns it was meant to register them. Also if you want to blame someone for her death, don't blame the liberals. Blame the idiot judge who sentenced the killer to probation and 10 years of not allowing him to own a gun............... except during hunting season. The cops are blaming the judge, you are blaming the liberals. Its gonna snow tonight is that Martins fault as well?

Finally you quoted me but did not respond to anything that I said about honesty in the other parties.

He was not caught PM that is it. The problem is you have a finance minster signing out money and not knowing where it is going. No a good idea I would like him to be my bank manager and then I would be friends with the guy. Oh and I would have lots more money. I blame the liberals for many of the officers being killed. The reason is with billions of dollars wasted on registering guns which does not work. polcie departments would have greater numbers of officers and better equipment to fight crime. Mad at the judge well who dictates to the judge. PM may not have been found guilty that does not say he is not. Oh by the way enjoy your popcorn and beer ha ha ha pathetic.

The thing about this whole election that p*ssed me off was the American ambassador telling the Liberals to back off, and make a comment about being late due to eating "beer and nuts". Americans should stay out of our politics since we stay out of theirs. He has no right to try and drive votes to a more American party(conservatives). What pure b/s. Martin should use that as ammo.

Billy_Soup and I have an agreement.

I'm going to stop commenting on the upcoming Canadian election on this forum.

However, I'm very interested in it and will continue to follow it as closely as I can, but I'll do it in silence.

That is pretty pathetic that they do that, like they tried Canada like some US State. I remember when they showed commercials in Georgia showing Bush jr. supporting the now current governor in a speech. I hope it doesn't come to that for you guys up there.

The only reason I endorse the NDP is that I saw an entry on an online encyclopedia and they their ideology fits in with mine.