Just received my new...

...10 year Canadian passport and I'm happy to report that the Grey Cup is prominently featured on page 28, along side the Stanley Cup on page 29. I wonder if I could get a special Grey Cup passport stamp when I go to Vancouver in November :smiley: That would be really cool.

That is all. Carry on.

Congratulations :rockin:

Thanks. I really like it. It’s a HUGE improvement over the boring old 5 year passport I previously had. Expensive though β€” $260 Canadian.

My passport will expire in 2 more years and I like the idea of a 10 year passport.

cool. I might go for one of these when mine gets up for renewal.

Putting my travel agent hat on - a ten year passport really makes sense these days because a 5 year passport is really only good for 4.5 years. That is because there are a ton of countries who now require your passport be valid for 90-180 days beyond the date you enter a country. That even includes a bunch of EU countries who now enforce the 90 day rule.

So before booking your next trip make sure your passport is good for 3-6 months beyond your trip date.