Just read Daved Benefield's column on this site; CFL.ca

It is ok for David to ask questions on the subject. I applaud and encourage questions about fairness. I just wish that someone could write about things, and not, just not write about the differences. I do not believe David wanted to be bad and divisive. But, come on!

Don't write about dancing celebrations and "Yahtzee". You have obviously never really visited Montréal! When you speak (or write your column), you sound like a guy from Saskatchewan who has lived his life in Saskatchewan (or a right wing state in the US).

I welcome your insight, I hope that you can find happiness in our country. But please, do not be a dick!


look whose being the "dick"

I could not disagree with DB more!
He talks about living in the moment and the emption of scoring a TD but we all know the dances are choreographed!

I have said it before and I will say it again. Endzone dancing is simply taunting!

so i guess hockey should ban celebrating after scoring goals?....no more fist pumps, jagr salutes, skating then sliding like a slip'n'slide, ovechkin nuttiness...?

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to read David's comments on end zone celebrations.

To me, they are simple straightforward comments

"Part of me looks at celebrations and wonders why
most of the guys complaining the loudest
are the ones that have no emotion and are stiffs.

I have to question, is it a difference of cultures?

Is it just a black American thing
that the mainstream just can’t understand
either here or in America?

Look at the difference in college bands;

watch a Michigan perform compared to
say a Grambling -- difference, huge.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg."

but when David a black man says

For those of you who have never felt the rush
of scoring a touchdown in a professional game,

let’s just say it's a 1,000 times
the rush you get when screaming Yahtzee

on Thursday night when the game is on the line.

some thin-skinned white man is bound to be offended.

just as surely as thin-skinned blacks are offended
when whites make similar comments about blacks

I love end-zone celebrations as long as they don't go on for too long, all part of the fun.
What do you want, something like the PGA Tour automatons who look like they have hemorroids big time when they win. Man give me ol' Lee Trevino anytime.

What??.. there is NO comparison between "end zone dances" and fist pumping or slip n slide these are spontaneous reactions. Choreographed end zone dances are just a waste of time and IMO make the dancers look unprofessional and as Ro said, are simply taunting and teams should be penalized for it

I agree with ro, its taunting. High-fives, fist pumping I can live with, but the choereographed Bob-sled is plain taunting! I want to watch Football,not dancing with the stars! The NFL have found a way to police it. We should too!

David Benefield mentions living in the moment. Exactly. When celebrations are a spontaneous expression, they're great. But when they run relay races around the track or do choreographed dance routines, they are obviously premeditated. And when that's the case they don't have the same reality, or immediacy for me. They just seem cheap somehow.

I like the td celebrations but I think its bush league to bust a move over a sack or a big tackle. Soccer has the lamest celebrations, ripping your shirt off and running around like your an airplane.

I'm waiting for Lions receiver Kendrick Jones to unveil his td dance. According to teamates it is so weak and laughable they've begged him not to do it.

There should be a contest of some sort for TD celebrations, not during a game but some sort of a charity fund raising event and get some CFL players to do it. That would be fun to watch.
I agree that dance routines and that are over the top and not needed and relay races but stuff like jumping and dunking the ball over the goal posts or high-fiving a few teammates, that’s all good stuff. It has to take place within 3 seconds of the TD or else a flag.

I don't mind the celebrations, but as somebody mentioned, as long as they don't go on too long.
Maybe they should have a 30 second time limit and then hand out a delay of game penalty.
That would curb a lot of the excess foolishness.

I really like some of the TD celebrations. A lot of them are creative and quite entertaining. They make me laugh. I think sports develop their own unique "cultures" and that is fine. Pro-sports exist for one purpose only and that is to provide entertainment for people like me, so why not let them entertain me?

The league has made some rule changes already in that regard, such as removing one's helmet on the field and the sound system purposely playing the noise of the statium onto the loud speakers. I do not think there needs to a rule against end zone celebrations. Let the team coaches govern their own players.

And so what if the NFL has rules against it? Just because the NFL does it, does not mean the CFL has to. Should we switch to 4 down football and make our fields and balls smaller or reduce the field roster to 11 players because the NFL does it?

But there have been a lot of dumber things happening other than touchdown celebrations. For instance, in Regina at a 'rider game, when one of the apposing players was injured on the field and the staff were spending a lot of time tending to the person who was in obvious pain, out trot the 'rider cheerleaders to do their little dance routine right next to the injured player. That was uncool and a definite "no-no" in football.

I have no problem with high 5's or solo dances. But when they end up waiting for a receiver to run 40-50 yards across the field becuase the dance is choreographed for 5, it is way to much!

...i liked DBs article, lots to think about...

I thought the TD dances he was talking about were excessive, and really those celebrations should have been called taunting. I have no problems with celebrating the fact you have scored a TD, but to run a relay race or do a bobsled imitation is just unnecessary.

I liked the bobsledge one. It is just players having fun with the game. But my favorite is the fake "shoe shine," especially if the player getting the "shoe shine" is looking all proud and arrogant with his hands on his hips. That is good one. These end zone skits required some brain power to be thought of in the first place and they make laugh.

If one wants to hear taunting, we should put microphones on the players so we all can evesdrop on what is said on the line before the snap or after a tackle or hit.

Although I am 'rider fan, last season Scott Schultz sacked a quarterback hard and put him out of the game. Schultz was certainly enjoying the moment after he had just injured a player. And it was not that great of a play by Schultz. Some lineman totally missed his block and Schultz flew by untouched and nailed the QB at full speed. It wasn't Schultz's good play that caused the sack. It was because of a total screw up on the o'line. And Schultz is acting as if he had made the play of the decade. If I was coach Barrett, I would have had words with Schultz about that one after the game.

The TD celebrations are just rubbing it in, those were the most unsportsmen like plays Ive seen in a long time. I would rank those TD dances up there with Hunter's hit on Turgeon after he scored in OT, or Alfie's play in game 4 on Monday. Its all unnecessary, IMO.

That is exactly the point.
DB claimed there were emotions riding high but the are not! They are preplanned! And do be honest...I don't see the relevance between scoring a TD and pretending to ride a bobsled....or a relay race....or pulling a magazine out of the padding.

I said this a couple of years ago and I still stand by it!

When you see Jake Ireland dancing because the video replay upheld his call......dont come crying to me!

I still like what "Bear" Bryant had to say about endzone celebrations. He told his players that they should forget about that type of thing and act as if you've been there before. Rather neat I'd say !!!