just pretend

Yea Collaros got the shot on the field last year so he got the deal and the starting job but I really do have to wonder just how much better he may be than Lefevour, Masoli, and McGee. Even Brian Brohm who Mc Manus took with him to Winnipeg took a great appeoach last year as the 4th QB and being patient in his first CFL season.

No bet eh bobo8224 Bam, Bam, bam bam bam. All bets are off. Rider Pride Nation Wide as Turkeybend2 would say :cowboy:

Who said anything about no bet :slight_smile: ? I tell you what,why not we just go an even $50.00 and throw $10.00 on the home opener in Saskatchewan even up when the Cats kick your teams butt all over the field :lol: to start the season off right :cowboy: IF your interested,let me know :smiley: Let the trash talkin' begin :lol: Woooo-Hooooo football season is back!!!!! :rockin: :cowboy:
And speaking of Turkeybend2 just where has that crazy lunatic been lately,my guess is that he takes the off season off :lol:
I'm sure he'll be back soon enough once the season gets rolling.

OK bobo8224 - The bet is on. Let the show begin I've been ready :smiley:
RIDER Fan vs TI-CAT Fan :rockin:

Last I heard he was in a bookstore getting a pun book to provide some extra diversification this season :rockin: