just pretend

if there was to be a regular season, some of my early predictions are:

Ottawa does not end up in last place

BC does not make the playoffs and may end up at the bottom.

Hamilton has some growing pains at QB and captures 3rd in the east by season end.

Toronto first in east

Edmonton and WPG go up, Sask goes down.

Calgary remains a steady challenge for league title and cup win.

At least one team will be a surprise beyond my wildest predictions.

Winnipeg will struggle early and often but sticking to the popular method of breaking the season down into thirds they will be solid clubs by the final 6 games. Ottawa will be bad if Burris gets injured. Demarco still not read especially with a team of all new players trying to gell.

TheRiders will be just as good if not better. Big reason will be that they carried a lot of extra players through the 9 game IR who are ready to step right in and take positions of players who have left especially on defense. Most everyone who will be on their defense was with the riders last season will help a bunch.
Offense will rely heavy on the run game behind the Oline until the new talented receiver gel with DD.
BC will be in great shape. everyone forgets how good they were before Lulay got hurt. Now they have Glenn to manage the game where as demarcowas way over his head.

Edmonton will be much better much earlier, Reilly has four receivers back in the starting line up, they got Tony Washington to Anchor the LT spot like Orrin Thompson did in 2012.

Hamilton and Toronto will be just fine, Collaros will be helped by a core on the Oline and receivers who all know the system.
Already got better on defense with Butler and Laurent

Without Glenn Calgaries offense will be more explosive with a helthyTate and anumber 2 Bo Levi. Need playmakers at QB to get over that hump Glenn a great game manager for the season games but playoffs.

Troy Smith in Montreal will be great he is a natural leader and has the respect of all the players as he came in with a great attitude last year. Sutton starting from the beginning will make them better as I do not think that Whitaker can stay healthy.
Messom will be a solid back up at RB and being on the NI part of the roster will enable for more importsat other places.

If/when the season gets going, I expect to see a close battle in the West, not so much in the East.

West - Calgary, Edmonton and, Saskatchewan - Put all three in a hat and pick them out, as easy way as any to decide, may be more accurate than and educated guess. A lot of variables make any of the three potential winners, the team that stays healthy should finish on top. If Edmonton can give Reilly the protection he needs look for the Eskimo's to fight it out with Calgary, if Bo Levi Mitchell is the starter, Calgary will win. Riders will stay close.

B.C., Winnipeg - Either could cross over to a weak East. It would be very interesting to see the Lions come into Vancouver in November as the visitors.

East - Toronto in a cakewalk, Hamilton should be a distant second with Montreal and Ottawa fighting it out for the wooden spoon.

Prediction - Alberta/Ontario Grey Cup.

Oddshark has the following power rankings.

1 Calgary. 2 Saskatchewan. 3 Montreal. 4 BC.
5. Toronto. 6 Hamilton. 7 Edmonton. 8 Winnipeg. 9 Ottawa.

In the off season, Ottawa and Montreal appear to be the most improved teams. Whereas, Hamilton and Toronto seem to be in decline.

LOL!!!! Oddshark is out to lunch,B.C. and Mtl 3 and 4 ???? Saskatchewan at 2 ??? Hamilton at 6 ???? This shark is very odd to say the least.Let's just hope that we don't have to pretend and saner heads will prevail in this moronic Labour dispute and hopefully we can get the season rolling on time.

yeah...can't see how the riders don't take a slide...they lost a pile of players...including Sheets, Dressler, Simon 2 starting DLmen
Hamilton had a slow start last year and got better as the season went on. Barring a total failure at QB (can't see it...Austin is one of the best QB mentors in CFL history) can't see them dipping.
You never truly know till you see it, but I find this unlikely.

Odds shark aims to be online global authority on sports information for gamblers who risk money. For June 2014, their OFFENSIVE rankings are as follows.

1 Saskatchewan. 2 Calgary. 3 Toronto. 4 BC. 5 Hamilton. 6 Montreal. 7 Edmonton. 8 Winnipeg. DEFENSIVE rankings below.

1 Saskatchewan. 2 Calgary. 3 Montreal. 4 BC. 5 Toronto. 6 Hamilton. 7 Edmonton. 8 Winnipeg. Ottawa is too unknown to assess.

They must lose a ton of money then with odds and rankings this out of whack,where do I sign up :slight_smile: can you possibly provide a link to these pigeons er uh sharks :roll: I could use a good laugh and some extra pocket money to boot :cowboy:

In the long run, I find fans, gamblers and experts tend to be right or wrong roughly half of the time. For years, fading TSN Schultz's CFL pointspread picks was profitable. Also betting on all underdog pointspreads. However 2013 was unusual in that Schultz was mostly right and pointspread favorites covered more often than normal.

The Riders may have lost some of their bigger name playersbut they were very well organized last season in having players in reserve off the main roster to step in to replace the names. Strong young LBs are ready to step in. WillLB Brian Peters has been groomed and will open eyes. MLB Morty Ivy was kept around last season practicing and Sam Hurl after earning time on second and long packages in 2012 as well as teams had spent most of 2013 on the 9 game IR but is back and 100%. Newcomer Chad Kilgore worked out in the off season with Peters.
Still are returning 3 of the 5 starting receivers including two 1,000 yard receivers. Dressler will be missed no doubt but Simon spot will be filled by a REC with less CFL experience than Simon but more talented than the older late 30's version of Simon. One coming within in Eron Riley who was kept in the wings last season along with a couple of Import newcomers who will have time to get get familiar with the offense and league.
RB will be a concern but they have done some great scouting for a RB to fill the void. Like the receivers these guys will have time to get familiar with a top rated Oline.
Unlike last season they won't be out of the gait dominating in the first 6 games but will be well in line with Calgary who also have a change in QB of sorts and BC and ahead of both Winnipeg and Edmonton

In the east Toronto, Hamilton, and Montreal will have changes at key positions but by no means these changes will be set backs but beecome improvements over the long 18 game grinde.
Ottawa has some great talent on paper but will take time to gell of course. Burris will be make it fun but is dealing with a younger receiving corp as a whole.
They did however secure the best talent possible for the Oline through the expansion draft and have secured their first round draft pick from2013 in Olineman Nolan McMillian. Key will be that they also aquired the best two FB/TE in Lavoi and Delahunt. Both can block but more importantly both are more true TE that are threats as a receiver as well. I wouldn't be surprised tosee their main formation include a TE and 4 wide and a lot of Double TE sets as well to run with success. They have yet to sign what may be the best TE in rookie Tyler Digby. Coming off an NLL season he is yeat to sign and likely may wait to sign after training camp resting from the NLL season. Then hit the 9 game IR and prepare for the second half of the season.
Theyreally did a nice job putting the defense together through a combo of the expansion draft and free agency.
They will need to be great on teams which they have a roster of players to do so formulated from the last two drafts and adding veteran Teams players to the mix as well.
If Burris should get injured for a long period of time they are sunk on offense as I do not think that Demarco is up for the task. tough situation with Glennhe was not happy and wanted out. Makes you wonder if the signing of Burris could have been done a little differently. I am not sure how but maybe promoting Glenn and Burris as the best QB duo in the CFL. Egos are hard to deal with and it just could have been an impossible situation
Depth will be their issue on both sides of the ball but is expected being they are starting from scratch. They likley wont be a factor in the playoff race but I will still love see them make it in year one.

Some extra pocket money to boot for me too bobo8224 - Lets get it on....yes or no? :rockin:

Odds shark ISN’T an online sportbook where gamblers can register to bet. Odds shark is an website providing current sports gambling information from sportbooks and other sources. Also odds do change over time. Since only CFL futures are available now, gamblers are limited to picking 2014 champion.

:lol: Your on :lol: Bet,Bet,Bet,betbetbetbetbet !!!!!!! :cowboy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D50bjRjwHc :rockin:

Great youtube watch with the Flintstones :thup: Now for the bet; Toronto and Hamilton battle for first - TORONTO :smiley:
Roughriders battle Calgary for first - SASKATCHEWAN :rockin:


Just wanted to remind everyone To lost 5 coaches, good back/starter quarterback, great running back, 3 to NFL, 4 free agents will hurt. Love their head coach and RR, without those 2 they would have a major melt down. However will struggle to be at 50% for sure.

Thought you'd like that :lol: Okay so your bet is that the team that everybody ignores and doesn't care about that wear double blue will end up in 1rst ahead of my Cats and your Riders who lost half your team from last year will end up ahead of the Horsies from Calgary who lost their safety net at QB this year.As Fred Flintstone would say Bet,bet,bet,bet,bet,it's a bet !!!!! :lol:
Now all we have to decide on is what the wager is :slight_smile: Your call on that one,get back to me or have your people call my people.and we'll work out the details :lol:

You might want to go back and re-read your own post on the Ticats forum.


I do think there's a difference here, in that the Ticats chose to let most of these players go, and very few were key players, and all of those key players have been replaced by as good or better (and younger) players. (Although still not convinced on Collaros yet.) I'm not seeing the Riders replacing the key players they lost quite as easily.

OK bobo8224 here's my thoughts on the bet; $20.00 says the Argos finish in first ahead of the Ti-Cats. Another $20.00 says the Riders finish ahead of Calgary. All in all there is $40.00 to be won, however in case of a tie then head to head comes into play with points for vs against to decide the winner. Perhaps you may have ideas on how to arrange betting?


I hope Collaros is what the Cats think he is but realistically, he's a couple of years away from being an excellent CFL qb on a consistent basis with the total control/respect of the offence so this season, who knows. I think the Cats defence is going to be awesome though.