Just plain bulls@#t

Now before everyone jumps down my throat, I feel the need to vent about the officiating over the last two weeks. Not that different calls would have swung the game in Hamiltons favour…but all the same…some very questionable calls.

  1. Last weeks “rub” where Winnipeg scored their first TD. A “rub”? What a joke. The Winnipeg receiver taking out the Cat defender with a solid hit is interference. Calling that a rub reminds me of the Knights in the Monty Python and The Holy Grail…“It’s only a flesh wound”.

  2. Last week Wayne Shaw intercepted a pass from Glenn. On that play, we were guilty of roughing the passer (after the ball was delivered) and an objectionable conduct after Wayne was tackled. What I can’t figure out is how we not only were penalized for 30 yards, but Winnipeg was given the ball back.

  3. Tonight…Anthony Collier was guilty of off-side. But he sacked Dickenson and was penalized for roughing the passer? How the hell do you get that penalty when Dickenson still had the ball. The play wasn’t whistled dead so Dickenson was a legitimate target.

Sorry…I may not know football as well as some of you and not have a complete grasp of the rules. But from what I’ve seen, I can’t help but feel the officials are either totally inept…or totally corrupt.

I agree it was a retarted call. If it wasn’t DD I somehow doubt the call would have been made. They have to protect him like he is fragile it seems. I can’t remember the last full game he played that he didn’t get hurt somehow!!!

Yup, that was bad, especially when earlier in the game, Eakin was hit in the face and his face mask grabbed. It was obvious on TV as it happened live, and the commentators noticed. It was more obvious on replay, and yet, no call.

Should have been unnecesary roughness - a hit to the head, or face masking, or both.


The officiating is always brutal in the CFL. they always screw something up every game example .No replay as the replay booth lost it's feed, that call on collier,the holmes having the football skim his shoelaces. there is plenty more . The CFL should spend more money on officiating as the officials volunteer for minor football and don't get it right there either just my thoughts

What about the face mask grab on eakin- clearly there should have been a penalty, 2006= open season on ticat QB,s- sickening, even when they use replay they make the wrong call, its worse than nhl, or wrestling , the BOG must make changes in offseason the refs screwed the whole season up!!!imo

Yeah, the roughing the passer confuses me.

Was he supposed to say to himself "gee, I may have been offside. Lets not hit Dickenson and let him throw a touchdown. Then he can deny the offside penalty and the Lions can have 7 points".

No whistle = play is still alive.

How was it roughing the passer?!?!

Simply an awful call… im waiting for Clown Black from the CFL office to justify this one.

his excuses have been getting a little far fetched even for me,

quite frankly i'm expecting his reasoning on these rulings to have something to do with the position of jupiter's third moon, and the fact that pluto was out of its shakra....

No, this was correct.
A roughing the passer call on an interception always results in the offence getting the ball back.
I think the second penalty was a late hit on Armour at the end of the play. Maybe questionable, but not worth arguing.

Iwas at the game and found the hit on Dickenson to be one of the very few highlights of the game,a great clean hit,a perfect sack.I was amazed when the flag was thrown.

One caveat on the previous post.He was offside and therefore negated the perfect sack.

Well then since he had such a clear path to DD the play should have been blown dead and not allowed to "rough the passer".. it was a BULLSHIT call

It was a terrible call and the officiating throughout the entire season in every game has been terrible. I watch a lot of NFL also and there was a very similar call last Sunday against the Bengals for sacking the QB the only difference was that the Bengal was not offside. I believe that all of the professional football leagues have forgot that it is not flag football and just because you are the QB does not mean you should be untouchable. I thought this years officiating would have improved with the replays but it just gave the refs one more way to screw things up. The officiating is a joke in the CFL.