Just pay Corey Mace the extra $$$...

Just pay Corey Mace the extra $30,000… We want to win… I don’t like how he’s holding out either but it looks like we really need the help… We pay guys way more $$$ than that like it is nothing… $95,000 is not $500,000 like some people we have paid and even higher for others and now you don’t want to spend the $$$ now??? I know he’s not really proven but I’m sure this will be an upgrade for us… Eat “em” Raw !!!

Or sign Montez Murphy and leave Mace rotting in his apartment.

The deal is 65,000 or let him Rott… He not worth the 95K
He was back up of a Back up for bills and say 2 games
not worth the extra money

A base salary of $65,000 with incentive bonuses would be more than fair for a non-import player with NFL practice roster experience and almost no professional game experience who has now missed the entire Ticats training camp and would probably take a few weeks to get up to speed with the rest of the Ticat defence.

if he's not worth the trouble explain to me why OB traded away Zeke for him? please explain. OB likes what he sees or else that trade wouldn't have went through. pure & simple.

We needed DL at that point like you wouldn't believe, we didn't have Matt Kirk then and Jermaine Reid was still developing. He also thought it would be alot easier and cheaper to bring this guy in for a TRIAL RUN. It was first expected that it would be Zeke Moreno for Tom Canada. Canada fought tooth and nail to stay in Winnepeg and then some sort of rupture in the spleen or something hospitalized him and he could no longer be traded to us. Still very much desperate for DL, Obie worked out a 3rd overall pick in the 2009 draft and the rights to N/I DL Corey Mace for Moreno. Ever since that trade took place we've been trying to get him up here and he just wouldn't. Then he stated if we gave him a minimum of 65k with incentives of 95k if we decided to start him, he would sign here. For a guy you've NEVER seen play before, that's asking alot. And don't say "he was on an NFL TC roster so he must be a beast". That's just not true, lot's of the playes that've come to the CFL and have been released have been on TC rosters, some higher up in depth then Mace. With the additions of Hickman, McIntyre, Kirk, McFadden, Long, and the return of Reid and Adams, the need for Mace is far less then it was when the original trade occured. We don't need him, he's not worth it for an unproven player that will only stay for one year, and I HIGHLY dooubt he'd make any kind of an impact here anyways. The squad we have is improved and will get the job done.

I always wondered how Alain Kashama managed to do it.

Corey Mace does not deserve extra money.

He has proved absolutely nothing.

Hmmm… I think he’s proven he isn’t all that smart and a bit of a D I C K !

If we let him sit for a while, and he does not get a snif from the NFL we still own his rights and he comes to us on our terms.
If he comes now, and plays great he writes his own ticket back to the NFL.
I say Obie is doing the wise thing and being patient.
Better to have a guy come to the team on OUR terms rather than his own terms!

I agree, and this will go one of two ways. Mace will either wait way too long and become very rusty and out of shape so that not even the CFL will take him, or he'll come and just sign a 1 year deal and count the seconds till the season's over so he can test NFL interest again. He's not worth it.