Just over the TICATS loss now

Yeah about 5 minutes ago I finally go over it …The anger, disappointment,frustration , confusion , and constant analysis that came out of that egg the TICATS layed last Sunday.

My question is do I root for the hated argos over the increasingly hated ALS .

i thought that I like COACH BARKER as a straight up honest good guy …

But that is where that ends …

Listening to BOYD before the game and seeing how Belli played and talked after the game and most importantly how FOLEY conducted himself is causing a hate on towards the ARGOS …add on O’sheas existance and that natural hate for the ARGOS we are born with I say GO ALS

I'm more curious as to what was going on in your house 10 minutes ago.........any broken china or chairs through the picture window we need to know about? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I will never cheer for the Argos, go everybody else!


Happy for you. You beat me, by just over 12 months.

Almost over it, not just yet., Won’t be until after the cup is presented.

The loss was unfortunate but in all likely hood necessary.What if we had won?That'd probably take mounds of pressure of MB, DeAngelis, Cobb, Glenn, etc.Wins often mask the weaknesses in team's, this loss as I said unfortunate, exposed the cracks and hopefully we'll have very little or no weaknesses whatsoever in 2011.14 wins and grey cup anyone? :cowboy:

Watching the CIS playoffs helped me try to forget that f#&$!%g game. :frowning: