Just over 32k tickets sold for Grey Cup

Given that disastrous news which is current as of today or yesterday, what can the Bombers and league possibly do to save this? This would be an epic embarrassment, even more so then the Bombers normally are.

I think given the lack of demand the prices are nonsensical, but I also think they realize if they lowered the price people who bought would be in an uproar.

What's going on over there...

Edit: Changed title from 28k to 32k. Sorry misread, point still stands.

Hope the Eskimos and the TiCats make it in. Those are the two teams with the best fan support left in the playoffs

It's an improvement over the past couple of months.

What's the current GC capacity again? Either way, it's not going to be pretty. Would love to be a fly on the wall in the post mortem meeting.

They reduced it a month or 2 ago from 40k to 36k.

The reason/excuse was that the CFL determined the half-time show could only take place in the end zone requiring the removal of 4k seats. You can bet that if the game was sold out that would not have been the reason though.

I could see a good-sized group from Ottawa too. Until recently the chances of being there seemed pretty remote so I doubt many planned well ahead of time.

it does make you wonder why you'd hold it in a City like Winnipeg. the last time they hosted it, it didn't do so well.

how many times do you give it to a city before you finally say no?

Winnipeg doesn't deserve to host it again for a long time.

So less than from a sellout with a month left to go? Is that so terrible?

The good news is fans won’t have to go freeze their rear at a Winnipeg GC for a very, very long time.

They are buying spots during CFL broadcasts to sell tickets. Haven't seen that in a long, long time.

I'm curious to see next year's grey cup ticket prices to see in the league and its owners have learned anything from the last 2 years...?

It did great in 2006 and 91 . Nobody wanted the Grey Cup in 98 , so Winnipeg stepped up . GC week will be great . The entire city gets behind the events and will be a typical prairie GC .

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-scores-success-with-grey-cup-game-1.607948]http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/canada/manitob ... e-1.607948[/url]

This years game has been hurt by the Bombers franchise being terrible and ticket prices are out of hand.

times sure have changed.

Winnipeg managed to pack 52,000 at Canad Inns Stadium for the 1991 Grey Cup when capacity was at 33,000 while the following Cup games in the same venue only attracted 34,000 and 44,000 respectively.

and this years game may not even hit 34,000?

this trend is alarming.

The second part I believe is the crux for the problem.

As others have said, will future CG hosts learn from the past 2 years. This one especially.


Remember us in Calgary ? What about those rowdies in Ottawa. ?

CFL teams will need to learn, not to jack the prices.

I paid $388 for my ticket last year.

It was not a sell out, so the weekend of the Grey Cup tickets in my section were going for $ 50.

They needed to fill the empty seats , but I felt ripped off.

BTW, Winnipeg in Nov is a harder sell than Vancouver.

They made 45 000 capacity in 06 , so they hit their target. As for 98 , I'll explain again , Winnipeg took it on short notice because no other team stepped up to take it . It was rough times in 98 . Winnipeg should be commended for taking that game .

Alarming, sure but very easy to explain. Its a very old crowd and getting older every year. Air Travel has a become a nightmare and the gouging from the league, hotels and everyone in between. Well you get this.

By bleeding people with high ticket prices, young people aren't picking up the slack.

If Winnipeg was competitive and had some kind of legitimate shot at making the GC this would be sold out months ago . Unfortunately the Bombers are a disaster , again . The CFL will need to look at pricing , going forward . Ottawa and Hamilton shouldn't have issues as both have good teams and havnt hosted a GC game in a while .

So the Grey Cup can only be successful if the team/city that is hosting the game has a chance to be in it?

That seem's ridiculous.

I'll never understand why Canada does not like sports. Unless it is NHL Hockey, and only that, there seems to be little support for anything else.