Just My Opinion Ur Thoughts

1st of all great game BUT with one minute left down 10 I think u kick the field and let BC take it on the 35, u still have to stop them and with one timeout if u force a 2 and out they punt u get half decent field possession. If you drive the way they did your forced to recover a high risk onside kick and even if you stop them they will punt and pin ya deep with almost no time left as what happened. Just my opinion I think kickin the FG gives u a better a chance but either way you have to score a TD. But I like what I saw I'm convinced..

BC would also have had the option of Hamilton kicking off, killing more time.

I think they made the right choice. Needing a TD, it would have been much more difficult to get that TD if they had kicked the FG first.

I just don't like the chances of recovering an onside kick and giving them 20-25 more yds of field possession. And I think they take the ball on the 35

I don't either, but I think you've got a better chance of recovering an onside and getting in FG range that kicking the FG and getting a top and a long TD with hopefully a few seconds left, if any.

I don't think this game was as close as some people think it was.

I think they take the ball on the 35
I think in that situation BC would opt for the kickoff, taking that much more time so that they could run down the clock with 4 plays, rather than 3.

From the CFL rulebook:

SECTION 2 — KICKOFF Article 1 — Points Of Kickoff The ball shall be kicked off by a place kick from any point between the hash marks on Team A's:

35-yard line — at the start of the game, or any half, or after a touchdown.
35-yard line — after a score of three points by the kicking team, or the team scored against may elect to put the ball in play by kickoff from its own 35-yard line.
25-yard line — after a score of two points against the kicking team or the scoring team may elect to put the ball in play by kickoff or scrimmage from its own 35-yard line.

As someone earlier said, you don't "let" BC take the ball on the 35, they have the choice. BC would no doubt take the kick off so they can run the clock before they scrimmage. The Ticats did the right thing, the only problem was not a well executed on-side and some bad clock management. But a great game that they could have won.

No they wouldn't.
They take the ball on the 35 so the Ticats can't onside kick.
That's why Austin changed his mind after initially sending the FG team on. He realized they wouldn't get the chance to onside kick (Reinbold may have told him that). You could even hear him say "my bad". It was lucky the measurement gave them time to put the offence back on the field.

The way everyone was lined up I would have kicked the top of the ball causing it to bounce widely straight ahead. The onside kick was so poorly executed we had no chance at all for recovery.