Just my comment and maybe others

Good by Porter, I don't blame you, it's the coaching staff that I hope will be replaced along with Mr. fumbles Fantuz.
Short yard plays they didn't even use Porter, I guess chewing a pencil got in the way. :cowboy:
I can also see Davey jumping ship because of such a screwed up staff. Run Davey boy if you want a ring. :rockin:
Next year will we even have a team with no home. What's a madder with this city, Fix what we have, Ivor Wynne. I tell you, I went to the Rogers Centre for my first time to watch Hamilton get whipped by the Argos QB's that they pick out of the stands :roll: What a disgrace. No wonder they don't have a attendance a Rogers. I went once and will never go again. I Sat crapped in row 23 and couldn't see the game, I went up and stood at level one to watch the last half. What a waste of money to build such a big building to watch a game so far from the playing field. I hope the new stadium is close as Ivor Wynne or you'll only see me there once. Ruin a good stadium for a one time Pan Am. I can see it now Ottawa Tiger Cats

I think it's a sharpie.

Sorry about your bad experience at Rogers. By the way, you didn't have to crap in row 23 - Rogers has several washrooms. I bet not many people lingered in row 23 after that.


“Herb, I swear we were never even in aisle 23!”

"What's a madder..."


Thinking about the coaching staff, waste of money Rogers, tearing down the best stadium IWS. Crap was on my mined. I did notice that over half the fans were Cat Fans. Argo fans have been there once and won't go back to the Binocular Roger brown turf stadium. They sit at home watching on the tube.

Really man. Get your info straight before shooting your mouth off on here. Ottawa has a Franchise coming in 2014 :roll: The Tabbies are not going anywhere

Other than my Tabbies losing, cant say I've had a bad experience at the Dome. Sure, the seating is not as intimate as ol' IWS, but no stadium is/was.

not to mention the dome wasn't built for the argos or football ... they were trying to get their own deal done and when that fell thru the Jays and the skydome did what they could to accommodate the team .. think argos games were bad ya should have seen it when the raptors played there