Just More Proof That Kelly Has To Go

Barrin Simpson is demanding a trade from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and he states that he doesn't have a personality conflict with Kelly, BUT, the story in the Globe and mail tells us why:

Barrin Simpson says his desire to be traded from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers stems not from a personality conflict with head coach Mike Kelly, but from a respectful disagreement over what Kelly and defensive co-ordinator Mark Nelson want to do with their linebacking unit.

This is just proof that Kelly is not listening to his player's, they wanna play different schemes then Kelly and Nelson want to play, when your best MLB wants out, you know that he doesn't agree with the play calling, Kelly is just being a stubborn SOB. He is not listening to the TEAM LEADER (Simpson), he is not taking advice from his player's on the Defensive side of the ball.

This spells the end for Simpson, i would hate to see him leave and i believe that they should FIRE KELLY A.S.A.P. why? who's next on the Defensive side of the ball that wants out, seems as though Kelly and the Player's are not seeing eye to eye on MANY subjects.

Now i understand why certain player's were not playing to there potential, if CLOWN KELLY remains coach and Simpson get's traded, the rest of the team will not play to there potential.

Kelly gave up the offensive Cordinator job, just proves that "he knows he is not a great coach". Kelly will lose the respect of all the player's and us (the fans) , and if Simpson get's traded, alot of player's will not be happy.

Keep Barrin Simpson and Get rid of Kelly and the defensive coach, that would be the smart thing for Bauer to do, but is Bauer too blind to notice Kelly is crapping the bed as a coach and his Ego is getting in the way of WINNING.

Today Fred Reid stated he was very disappointed with the Barrin Simpson situation. He did not elaborate. But since both Barrin and Fred are close friends, you can read between the lines. Fred will be next to leave the Bombers. It's just a matter of time. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Reid between the lines all you want (yes, the PUN was intended), I'm not convinced he's on Barrins side. As a matter of fact, I heard it all very differently!

....don't see why Reid would get involved with Barrins problems....seems a stretch to me and is more likely some negative guys over imagination :lol: :lol:

It's being reported that there is a reconciliation underway between the Bombers and Simpson. The fact that Simpson was at the Bombers fan appreciation day this afternoon and, according to a fan who was there, looked pretty happy would seem to add credence to those reports.

Papa, I'm on your side all the way, but I did hear Reid on a radio blurb in the past couple days. He was NOT on Barrins side, he couldn't understand why this was taking place. It was pro team, not pro Barrin!

Housedog is spinning it as he wishes as you mention in your last sentence.

Yea, I see what you mean. Kelly seems to love his reconciliations. And he calls Regina the crotch of Canada. Seems somewhat obsessed with that particular body part.

[url=http://static.cdn.mrx.ca/cfl/league/images/en/gallery/2009/08/71710244453.jpg]http://static.cdn.mrx.ca/cfl/league/ima ... 244453.jpg[/url]

Sorry you guys are wrong with your garbage talk. Heard it on CJOB. And as a matter of fact Bob Irving had mentioned it. Both Simpson and Reid are very close friends. And friendship can go a long way. An Example would be Bauer hiring his old friend Kelly. You always see Bauer stick up for Kelly.

...you guys will have to understand where dawg is coming from....a huge negative pool....He doesn't support or say anything positive about this team....never did last year and continues on his rant this year....He has some kind of axe to grind...It's really not Kelly or Bauer...he just thrashes out at every move the Bombers make....Read his posts from way back and i think you'll agree....But in any event...I still welcome him to the games and the new stadium....one he said would NEVER happen....He;ll be proven wrong once again with his assessment....get positive dawg...there's still hope for ya... :thup: :lol: