Just met Milt and Damon

My son and I just came back from an autograph and pic session with Milt Stegall and Damon Allen. It was great. My son didn't want to go back to work he was so excited. Both guys were fantastic but being Bomber fans, my son and I stayed with Milt. What a nice guy. He was thanking us for showing up. We were there about an hour. We got interviewed on CTV. It should be on tonight at 6pm.hopefully. Barrie news.
What a great promo in conjunction with Princess Auto. Look it up to see if they will be in your area.

Very cool. I've never met Milt, but I would really like to some day. I met Allen in 2014 and found him to be very affable.

Thanks, man. Poor Damon said he felt left out. There were a few Bomber fans and only one Argo fan while we were there.

Fantastic stuff Dan, thanks for sharing!

Watched but did not see you. At least I don' think I did.

They didn't show my son's and my interview. They showed that other guy instead ;D. They also showed the woman in front of us. We were in lots of shots though, behind the main shots. Milt and I were talking just before they interviewed him and we talked for a while afterward. Milt was very appreciative that we came to see him. It was a lot of fun. My son is still walking on clouds. ;D

This event is travelling around to different locales. Check it out.

I'm sorry to hear that, my friend.

Same thing happened to me... twice.

Once was for a summer job. Once was when I worked for the government. Both times they filmed me for a long time. Both times I walked away and thought I was going to be a T.V. star. Both times when it was all said and done, if you blinked, you missed me - my "footage" was all but cut out. :slight_smile:

I’m not upset at all. It’s just the way of a TV celebrity like myself. ;D ;D ;D

If there was no TV, I would still be happy. It was great experience… When I was young the Leafs would practice at various arenas around Toronto because the Ice Follies were in town. My dad got us in. Just me and my brothers with the Leafs and then the St.Louis Blues. We walked out of there with sticks, pucks and so many autographs and pictures. My favourite Leaf was Paul Henderson. This was way before the 72 heroics. I cherished the sticks he gave me. Next year it was the Leafs and the Blackhawks. Great experience too.
On the way back from Alberta we stopped in to the Winnipeg Stadium. Bombers were unloading from the bus and luggage was put into to the dressing room. After my two sons 13 and 10 had finished running the field, I steered them over to the dressing room and opened the door and went in. We recorded the whole time. We looked at locker names and listened to Dave Ritchie chewing someone out. The players were in another room and the equipment boys were there. Some players wandered in and out but NOBODY KICKED US OUT ! Great experience. Just some memories

That's awesome Dan.
How old is your son.
I came across Damon at a few picnics the Argos had, a classy guy just like all CFL players.
Also caught a mini football at the Argo game a few years back and it was signed by Damon meaning I got a nice game autographed jersey by number 9.

My son Mike is now 27. He's going to the Ham-Winn game tomorrow night. He wants me to go but I tend to go to bed early these days. I get up very early too.
Damon was great. They gave out autographed mini footballs. Damon was just commenting on how my son and I made it a Bomber fest. We had helmets, jerseys, pennants, our own football and T-shirts for Milt to sign. Milt ended up leaving the table to come over and talk to us again. My son was all done up in Bomber gear. Milt wanted to know where we were from and how we became Bomber fans. He talked with us for half an hour at least. We got pics with Milt and Damon. The whole thing was started by a woman from Winnipeg to support the CFL and the HOF. Great idea.

Hey Dan
Not sure which one is you - but for those interested the report Dan refers to starts at the 20:30 mark of this video.

Thank you, thank you, Pat. I was just now looking for this clip and couldn't find it. My son has a Bomber hat on backwards and a jersey. I'm the old fart with the light blue shirt on. Of course I got caught in the rain prior to this clip and I look like an unmade bed. My hair was wet and my shirt wrinkled. Thanks again Pat. Neither of us are the Bulkholz guy.