Just like 2001

This season is very similar to the 2001 season. The West is struggling, Winnipeg is back in the East, and a team in the East Division just keeps winning.

In 2001, Edmonton won the West with a 9-9 record, and Winnipeg finished with a 14-4 record. Could we see another Stampeders Grey Cup?


more likely another 8 - 10 season from da boys.

Didn't the Lions beat the Alouettes in the 2001 Grey Cup?

Thus becoming to first team to ever win the Grey Cup after posting a sub-500 record in the regular season (8-10)

Edit: I think you're thinking of 2002, when the Stamps beat the Bombers at the Big-O in Montreal. I was at that game, hung out with the Bombers at Winnies after they lost

what are you stupid or something first of all the only team that kept on winning was winnipeg (cfl tying record 12 straight) not montreal that i assume yer refering to since they are unbeaten this year. and it was winnipeg calgary in the cup that had calgary winning. a few things that are the right/same calgary was 8-10. winnipeg was 4-2 while they were starting they're winning streak like this year. montreal did terrible that year while winnipeg beat hamilton in the east final and calgary beating edmonton in the west. winnipeg had the number one ranked defense that year like this year so far. right off the top off my head thats all i can think of. ummm maybe you could say this is kevin glenns second full year starting same as khari jones in 2001.

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Btw it was 2002, 2001 the Lions beat the Als in the cup

r u really sure u were at the rite game? cuz the 01 cup was between the stamps and bombers

lol..ur a year ahead of urself..it was the leos beating the als in '00, ant the stamps edging the bombers in '01..look it up in history

here..ill do it for u

2005 - Edmonton Eskimos 38, Montreal Alouettes 35, OT
2004 - Toronto Argonauts 27, B.C. Lions 19
2003 - Edmonton Eskimos 34, Montreal Alouettes 22
2002 - Montreal Alouettes 25, Edmonton Eskimos 16
2001 - Calgary Stampeders 27, Winnipeg Blue Bombers 19
2000 - B.C. Lions 28, Montreal Alouettes 26

2000: Lions over Al's
2001: Bombers over Stamps (I wish :cry:, really the other way around)
2002: Als over Edmonton
2003: EE over Al's
2004: Argos over Lions
2005: EE over Al's

and the Stamps will win the West, and be in the West Final, but Grey Cup Champs, we will just have to wait and see, but their is no way they are beating Winnipeg in our house, in OUR GREY CUP, NO WAY!!!

What is interesting about the 6 games that PegCityJets9 mentions is that in 4 of those 6 games, there was an 8 point defecit in the last minute of the game. Two of those 4 games saw the team down by 8 score a TD, but miss the 2 point convert. And in two of those games, the team down by 8, failed to score (once because Wally Buono didn't gamble on 3rd down lol), and those 2 games finished with the exact same score.

I still remember the winning pass with boreigter (or however the spell it) sneaking out from the tightend/slot position and a little pass from Crandell for the touchdown.

That was a magic year for the Stamps having the worst record going into the playoffs then they had in the last 4-5 years and Crandell having to fill in for the injured Dickenson.

Dickenson was in the NFL in 2001 and 2002 and Marcus Crandell won the starting job from Ben Sankey during the 2001 season.