Just in Three New Bombers signed Taman found some Talent!

wasnt this same thing posted many times before, with different headers?

Ah got to refresh the Bomber fans batteries!

oh come on, our team will not be that bad, and that's how they used to do kick converts many decades ago. I'm not kidding.

Ride pride, Better hide!, Bomber Blue, COMING THOUGH!!!

Why oh why kanga! Could I not get one repsonse from Piggy or pappa no it had to be Kanga!

their coming, you will see.

look at CFL tradisions, their is a scene where they kick a covert similar to that! I shear!!!

Please some one help me off the floor! Kanga in all my days of watching footbal have I ever seen anyone pin the ball to a guys head! oh my god I am going to be sick from laughing so hard. HEllo I think I have one of these guys replaced!

I'm scared the for my Eskimos now! The Bombers are gonna take the West! :o

watch CFL traditions (the show part, not any teams), I guarantee it's on there!!!

Yes with those three guys on their team I think we should all be scared! Kanaga I am still laughing! Which one of these guys are you going to replace ha ha ha ha ha

I am still on the floor laughing please help!

get up of the floor, watch CFL tradisions and you will see it.

Kanga now seriously you have never ever seen some one kick the ball off someones head really. If you did it was in the Trhee Stooges okay! Please provide a link! ha ha ha ha oh dam it is happening again!

The picture is dark...Is it O'Mahoney or McCallum?

Ya they have the same style don't they!

Used the same T ...I think.

Very unique style I thought I seen this in the NFL a few times as well. The guy on the bottom though had to retire he said something about concussions!

kanga they never tied the ball on someone head because it was just too small in those days

but did you know the used have a real short guy bring the grey cup into the stadium balanced on his head?

Wouldn't that be a great job. I can see the conversation.

Kanga: I'll do anything it takes to win coach.
Coach: Well, see you lie there and when the ball is snapped they'll put it on head
Kanga: On my head coach?
Coach: On your head:
Kanga: Why?
Coach: DOn't ask why just do it, do you want to be on this team or not kid?
Kanga: Ok coach, then what.
Coach: The kicker will come and punt the ball through the uprights.
Kanga: What if he kicks me in the head coach?
Coach: That's why you gotta keep your head down.
Kanga: Ok coach I'm ready to play, but what if the ball hits the uprights, is that a point
Coach: No it's a dead ball
Kanga: But they should make it a point coach.
Coach:Why would they do that kid
Kanga: Ummm it makes the game better coach
Coach: No it doesn't, now lie down and we'll see if your good enough to make the team
Kanga: Coach did I ever tell you about the action point
Coach: uhhh no
Kanga: Well it's this great I had for changing the game, you wouldn't have to kick converts coach
Coach: Well that would put you out of a job kid
Kanga: Oh well that would suck, but hey the game would be better, not great they still have to change the refs jerseys coach
Coach: Their jersey's kid why would they possibly want to do that kid
Kanga: It would look cool coach
Coach: Ummm I'm going to go stand over here, please stay away from me, I think the Esks need a head to kick off of
Kanga: Don't they have that Hugh guy that practically runs the league coach
Coach: yep
Kanga: Cool, wait till I tell him about Alaska
Coach: :roll: