Just in Lumsden signed to practice roster

you heard it here first boys i need confirmation but i heard it on the radio. i think thats great i was skeptical but hes still hanging on.

i thought he had to wait till Sunday to sign ?


he just said he heard it on the radio.

Not everything has a link.
I know I don't :wink:

If he signed, good for him. What, $85,000 US for this with the possibility of getting to the active roster where he can make more? Not bad money at all I'd say for this deal.

Glad He Signed.. Did not want him back anyways.
Here is Jessie Life for next year or so..
This year Redskins practice roster
NFL Europe next year..
Cut next NFL Camp
Signing with Montreal or Ottawa

I don't think he will even get as far as Tim Tindale did with the Bills where he was on the active roster I think for 4 years, he will more of an unknown than him I believe.

No mention of this on the redskins website or any other site. If he was such a good candidate for the p.r. dont you think he would have at least made it through the next pre season game first?

It would have been nice to see Lumsden back..
but lets move on please,enough about Jesse,HE DOESN'T WANT TO PLAY HERE,he rather be on a practice roster, than to play, ..buh bye!!..

With all due respect, players cannot be added to a teams practice roster until AFTER the final cuts on Saturday. Having said that, it is possible the team has indicated they will make the offer this weekend.

If thats true then i apologize like i said i heard it on the radio but it is very possible i heard wrong. can anyone confirm??

which radio station????


Here is the only link that I can find

[url=http://www.900chml.com/station/ticats_microsite.cfm?hdl=46939]http://www.900chml.com/station/ticats_m ... ?hdl=46939[/url]

I've done that before myself.....sometimes if I'm listening with one ear, I could swear I heard one thing when in actual fact, it was an entirely different thing....

maybe what you heard was them discussing the 'possibility' that he'll end up on the practice roster....

no biggie at any rate....you're forgiven.. :lol: :thup:

Misinformation again!

"There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics."

yea Jesse's a great kid.. out of that football factory.. Mcaster.. as Madden says

if mcmaster was such a factory they would be dominating canada and winning multiple championships, and they would be getting all the bigtime recruits before they go down to the states, mac is overrated, in fact im sick of the hype their coaches, players, and school gets.

that was so funny lol. i saw it last night on the tsn top 10. :lol:

but about lumsden if the redskins wanted him on there practise roster y didnt they keep him till final cuts so noone else could pick him up????