Just Imagine

If Burris was the QB of Toronto. What a 1-2-3 combo that would be

how many posts you gonna make to say you hate Lemon. 3 now. Wanna make it 4?

nowhere here did I say I hate lemon. In fact, I have not said I hate lemon at all. Its not that personal. I just said he sucks in one thread. Now in this thread, I moved on and thought about how awesome it would be if burris was in toronto with boyd and owens.


Holy crap Lemon is terrible. You think he'd have learned by now not to throw the ball like that when they were so close to the goal line.

I might be biased, but I'd say Ray, Z, Maas, and yes even Joseph would be better than Lemon.

fyi, Lemon sucks =/= I hate Lemon.

also, Burris is better than Lemon =/= I hate Lemon.

I follow the NFL, and Lemon was a backup in San Diego (my favourite NFL team) for a while. When he came to the CFL, I thought that was neat, and I was hoping to see him succeed. So no, I don't hate Lemon at all. And with everything he's shown in the first 17 games of this season.. Lemon sucks. Sorry.

In your dreams Burris leaving the Stamps
A possible trade would be Lemon for Ricky Ray - this would be good for both the Argos and Eskies

Good for the Argos? Yes.

Good for Edmonton? Hardly.

not way do I expect this to be a possibility, just a fantasy.

Like if Doug Flutie could have played on the lions with Fernandez the first time round.

If you're cflisthebest it's great for the Esks... otherwise, not so much.

why would the Esks be so stupid as to trade a Proven QB for someone who's not so much?

Tillman isn't that stupid! he'd probably laugh in your face!