Just imagine - Past to Present

Often I try to see today through the eyes of someone of yesteryear, just for fun

How confusing it would be for someone prior to computers waking up to day and seeing everyone walking around staring at their hands and twiddling their thumbs all day long :slight_smile:

I remember when Maxwell Smart's shoe phone was considered unbelievable technology.

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Not nearly as sophisticated as the cone of silence.

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Lol I remember those

That didn't work.

I am so confused


10 times Star Trek predicted the future

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you know you can delete your own posts by clicking/tapping the three dots below your post then the garbage can icon? you can also edit it by clicking/tapping the pencil icon.

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star trek / Roddenberry copped all of those ideas off golden age Sci-Fi writers from decades previous to the original show.


I would love to drive a tank around during the civil war

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no you wouldn’t. because there were no tanks in the US Civil war. tanks were invented by the British during WW1.

unless of course you mean a present day tank like a K2 Panzer or M1 Abrams

war machines are stupid. i hate them.

I would have liked to fly an F-22 Raptor during the same conflict

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Something to back that up?

And roddenberry was not a star trek writer

Yeah thats the point.

i think you can actually do some of this stuff in the time-spanning war video game Darkest of Days.

which is exaclty why i stated what i did after that, something you chose to ignore.

And your point is what?

yes all the books i’ve read, i have a rather extensive Sci-Fi collection that contains books that date back to the 30s-40s.

i’m not going to quote them all for your own personal proof.


what’s yours?