Just how bad is Winnipeg?

I totally agree. The knock on Stoddard is that he doesn't have speed to burn, but christ, the kid has heart and if the ball hits his fingers he comes up with it nine times out of ten. They need to send Kamau a message and sit him out. He was highly touted as the next Milt Stegall when he came here from Calgary last year. I don't know what happened to him, what's going on in his life, but I really don't care, the guy just hasn't lived up to the hype. Sit him out Daley, what's the worst thing that happens? You get a look at a couple other promising Canadians (Rempel, Colon). If they suck you can always throw him back in and hope he cherishes the fact that he's seeing the field again after his previous blunders and plays up to snuff.

WORST PLACE TO HIT PEDERSON with a pass is in the hands.....I think he's got to go back to that 'catching machine' he bought.....he needs a little more work. :arrow:

Good one papa, you cant help but feel for Kamau after all the prep work in the off season, but jesus h christ he has gotta make those catches. I have a feeling the bombers will be heard from yet this season, the defence is pretty good and looking better each time out and eventually they will get the passing game going. We may bitch alot right now about their performance but I think by the midway point of the season things are going to turn around. We may be 0 - 9 by then but could go undefeated the rest of the way.

Undefeated the rest of the way?? I admire your enthusiasm Pigseye, but lets get real. The Bombers will be lucky to win a handful of games this year.

A "handful" being four.

Hey come on, Sask did it with Burris last year and we beat them 3 times, anything is possible in the cfl, gades over the als in ot proved that.

Argo's winning this year!?

....IF....MARTIN is looking bad early in the next game against Esks.....I say we put in Michna to see what he can do..... time to get a look at what we actually have and go with the guy who can produce....I don't like the QB. caroussell...but if you don't play them in actual game conditions you will never know.

Kamau Peterson has got to go. Even Daley as much as said that he’s cutting Peterson more slack because he’s a non-import, but it’s ridiculous. It’s not just this season either that he’s been dropping easy catchable balls. The guy has hands of stone.

And this is the problem with Winnipeg. Not the quarterbacking, which is getting better. Not the D-line, which is good. Not the secondary, which is still finding its feet. Not special teams, where Stokes is a monster. Not the running game, with a proven scatback like Charles Roberts. It’s the receivers. I really don’t know what Daley and Taman were thinking but Winnipeg’s receiving corps is not CFL quality. It looks like the 2003 Hamilton corps – one good receiver (Stegall) surrounded by a bunch of losers who were cut by other teams (McGarity, Peterson, Cloman, etc.). All you have to do to stop the Bombers right now is double-cover Stegall and play tough against the run, and that ain’t Tee Martin’s fault.

I hate to disagree with you but I would leave T Martin go. This guy once he gets use to this game is taking your team forward. Putting another rookie in would be a huge mistake. If you remember the Stamps for the past three years they did this and you know where that got them. Stay with T Martin and let him get his reps. You will find each game he will get better and the same with the offense. Winnipeg reminds me of Calgary last year where it was 5 important positions they did not have quality in there and that will effect how the offense is effective. The problem in this case is not the QB but the guys he needs to throw too. Again I would get rid of Peterson and McGarity they will not change ball drops in important plays will kill this very good young skilled QB. T Martin will be a star give him that chance. Good luck hopefully they can change the problems and move forward. Another thing is upgrade the GM he had the off season to bring in players to compete and I do not believe he did that. Taman has to go!

And to answer the question, 6 points worse then the stamps.

But seriously, Martin has shown promise, but he is 0 - 2 as a starter with pathetic numbers.

You have to see this Michna kid play, he is a left handed Ricky Ray, when he was in the preseason game in Edmonton, he was the only reason the bombers got a tie in that game and almost pulled it out in the preseason loss in wpg against the eskimo starting defense in the last two minutes of the game. It is absolutly mind boggling that he hasnt been given a chance yet. I had him ranked ahead of both Martin and Wynn on the depth chart.

The bomber receivers are what they are but if your only going to throw 1 or 2 passes there way a game you cant expect much. Unless they open up the offense and start throwing 30 or 40 passes a game we really wont know and I dont see that happening anytime soon.

pigseye, again you would have the same result and you would have wasted two losses already for what to see if this kid is better then T Martin. The coach has arleady given reps to Martin that now if you take away you have start the process over again. Really I watched this happen with Calgary stwiching QB's back and forth. A QB needs reps to get his consistancy. He needs to connect with the recievers. Burris is experiencing this with his new receivers. Just because the young kid looks good in practise or the pre-season really does not mean anything until they have a few games under their belt. Leave T.Martin save the young kid for next year. If and when the bombers get a large lead then you put the kid in to play to see what he can do. You will be play the Riders soon and your team will get the opportunity then ha ha ha the will piss off ChrisW. But really the bombers are going to get better I thought they did good, T Martins stats are garbage because of his receivers period.

Winnipeg is dead meat in Commonwealth next Friday.