Just how bad is Winnipeg?

Hello there evil Winterpeg Bluebummer fans. Don’t get to down on your team there were several positives you could take out of yesterday’s game. We Rider fans have had years (decades) of practice making something out of nothing, so let me show you how its done.

Your D looked good last night – they didn’t give up a TD and held Calgary to less yards both thru the air and on the ground then the Argos, you have the best punter in the game which as last nights game proves means a heck of a lot in terms of field position, Roberts had over a 100 yds in rushing, the O-line is getting better, T-marten looked better than his stats – if it wasn’t for that dropped bomb at the end he could have had as many passing yds as Hank and you could’ve won the game. Essentially it came down to the blocked punt for a TD.

So this post should make you guys feel a little better – unless of course you realize I’m a Rider fan feeling pity for you all!! HaHa

Defence is great, speacil is ok, Ofence sucks.

So add that togerther, and you have a mediocer losing team.

We Renegades fans feel your sorrow timo75.
Thank God that’s over.

Go Rens Go!!

that one description summed it up well, tee martin did play better than the stats look but he’s nowhere near what we need him to be at yet. people are talking about how winnipeg is improving but sorry calgary fans in my opinion the only reason the bombers looked better is becuz we were playing a weaker team than theyve played b4. i think calgary will be really good by the end of the season but right now they arent, if the bombers played like they did against bc or toronto any team like that the game would not have even been close. yes the d did look better but lets see how they do against the edm and mtl offenses the next 2 games b4 we praise them at all, good to see roberts get sum yards but again lets see how he does the next few games. im not sold on any bomber improvements just yet allthough i am hopeful. this is just the way i see it all rght now… and darn i thot peterson was gonna take that pass al the way, he looked good this year up until that pass thats too bad for him, hopefully this wont continue. and if we do get a win this year which we probly will i hope it IS against sask… on labour day in regina which i will be makin the trip for hehe

another concerned bomber fan - fearing the rebirth of the kerwin bell years

i wouldnt be surprised if they went 2-16 this year and im giving those 2 wins from ottawa( sorry guys) but you cant win games when you dont have an offence. tee needs to be more accurate, charlie needs a hole so he can run, and receivers like… PETERSON need to catch that PERFECT throw.lol ( btw if anyone saw that throw last night by tee to kamau, it was perfect and that damn idiot couldnt catch it! it) and yea blink1 i agree with you that tee is getting better but we need more then “getting better”. anyways sry calgary fans but i need to bash your sstupid kicker #12… " OMG HE GOT THE FIELD GOAL! NOW LETS GO AND SHAKE THE WHOLE STADIUMS HAND and maybe a little dance!" lol that guy needs to get a life. but i will say it was amusing. lol i just really had to bring that up? does anyone else notice that he freaks out when they get 3 points? i know people will say " its still points" but cmon dont have to act like you won the god damn grreycup after a field goal. lol … im probably the only person who noticed… :shock:

Don’t be so impatient BB Fans. God, I remember the lean BC Lion Years, Practically wore out my paper bag! Yes, rebuilding is hard to swallow, but you have a lot of new players that are showing a lot of promise. You have some veteran players to anchor your team. 2005 could be an ugly year, but I think you guys have room to grow.

Think of the positive! You have more Grey Cups than the Riders!

If I were the coach Peterson is GONE. He has one job and in a close game like that, with a great throw like that. YOU have to have to catch it or you are useless.

OK … So its safe to say the Bombers are not looking their best. The defence is looking alright - but still seems to lack some of the intensity that other teams feared … The offense is downright not performing … i can hardly pick out anyone on the offense that stands out …

Now … Pederson … I’m sure Kamau Pederson has dropped more balls than any other starting reciever in the Bombers history … i’m not joking. All this guy has done since he got here, was drop balls (very catchable balls at that) … Now i’m not just talking about THE dropped ball from last night … i’m talking about the multiple dropped balls last night …

WHEN THE HELL IS WINNIPEG GOING TO START GIVING THE BALL TO JAMIE STODDARD!!! He got two passes last night, and he grabbed both … I’m a big Jamie Stoddard fan … this boy works on his routes, he puts effort towards every ball, he’s an intelligent player making good reads and then executing properly …

Its time to send Pederson somewhere else and let him drop balls in that city … Lets make room in this lineup for Stoddard … What do we have to lose???


I’d like to see Stegall back. He sure makes for some interesting football.

…kirsten…and I’m breaking my bad bad habit of not making fun of your nic 'cause it’s also my youngest daughter’s name…the reason he was so elated, and will continue to be so, is that he has nailed every 3-pointer this year, including preseason…he is the only kicker right now who is ‘perfect’…and if I’m not wrong, wasn’t he also kicking into a pretty stiff wind, making it that more difficult…anyway, that’s the reason…

I know this is far off BUT

With Winnipeg hosting the grey cup next year do you think they’ll stay in rebuilding mode or go out and buy a team to contend?

umm…edmonton started the year 0-3 last year, lets give them some time to get going…

not ready to push the panic button to red alert but , sorry I don’t see an Edm. type rejuvenation on the immediate horizon for the BigBlue… :shock:

I can’t agree more with Staik76… Stoddard should be given the opportunity that he deserves. When the ball is thrown his way he makes plays… Not to mention he catches and hangs on to the ball.

Enough said!

I totally agree. The knock on Stoddard is that he doesn’t have speed to burn, but christ, the kid has heart and if the ball hits his fingers he comes up with it nine times out of ten. They need to send Kamau a message and sit him out. He was highly touted as the next Milt Stegall when he came here from Calgary last year. I don’t know what happened to him, what’s going on in his life, but I really don’t care, the guy just hasn’t lived up to the hype. Sit him out Daley, what’s the worst thing that happens? You get a look at a couple other promising Canadians (Rempel, Colon). If they suck you can always throw him back in and hope he cherishes the fact that he’s seeing the field again after his previous blunders and plays up to snuff.

WORST PLACE TO HIT PEDERSON with a pass is in the hands…I think he’s got to go back to that ‘catching machine’ he bought…he needs a little more work. :arrow:

Good one papa, you cant help but feel for Kamau after all the prep work in the off season, but jesus h christ he has gotta make those catches. I have a feeling the bombers will be heard from yet this season, the defence is pretty good and looking better each time out and eventually they will get the passing game going. We may bitch alot right now about their performance but I think by the midway point of the season things are going to turn around. We may be 0 - 9 by then but could go undefeated the rest of the way.

Undefeated the rest of the way?? I admire your enthusiasm Pigseye, but lets get real. The Bombers will be lucky to win a handful of games this year.

A “handful” being four.

Hey come on, Sask did it with Burris last year and we beat them 3 times, anything is possible in the cfl, gades over the als in ot proved that.