Just heard story on Andrew Harris - yikes not good

I know its true as it's been confirmed. Its his personal life so it should remain private but these type of things are personally not cool with me.

Hope everyone involved is strong and well so everyone moves on happy

yeah, sure, ok, wow, how do you know it is true, have you been vaccinated, might it be a different andrew harris, ones privates are usually personal, is this fake news

You feel it should remain private, yet how many places on the internet have you posted this? :thinking:

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…[/britishcop.exe] what’s all this then? [/end]

Not sure what the others are complaining about. As I know what happened didn't know it was being reported it. And I have not reported it anywhere.

Also this has nothing to do with vaccinations.

However I do believe with all the social issues going on and what the CFL has gone through and trying to implement. What happened to Harris off field issues might need to be dealt with a lot sooner than later.

It would tarnish this Blue Bombers run and clearly destroy his own legacy. and i'm not talking about drugs

What did Harris do this time?

woke up
fell out of bed
dragged a comb across his head

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Can someone elaborate? What happened?

I did.

Not so sure OP knows anything different.

…apparently a rumour, that has no content..

Shut 'er down....

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…probably will…but I’m curious if the OP offers anymore info here…

…I’m betting on gender confusion..

Don't you think it warrants some scrutiny? Or should society turn a blind eye as to not jeopardize a Bomber Grey Cup run?

What exactly warrents scrutiny? The whole "I know something, but I'm not telling..."?

Ya, until something is actually reported from a real source, this should be considered BS and deleted.


OP should not be able to post like that.

I'm the furthest fan from that twerp Harris but if this was about a Cats player I wouldn't be cool about the rumour mongering.

Just post a link to whatever "true" fact you want to discuss, or don't post.


This kind of mystery rumormongering is unworthy of this site. About anyone.


Best part is where the guy says it should remain private, but felt the need to post it :face_vomiting:

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I could tell you, but then you would have to kill me

well at this point we should be asking what this accusation is and whats the source. That's the beginning of scrutiny. Not just to say its false. If its proven this is a nothing burger, then fine. That's the end of it.