Just Got Out-Coached by Chris Jones

Who was calling the plays for the Hamilton offense against Saskatchewan? The last two games Hamilton used their two Canadian running backs (Sean Thomas-Erlington and Mercer Timmis) along with a strong passing game. Last night they gave up on the running game way too early. Hamilton played well defensively but they need a balanced offense.

Generaly, if your D keeps it under 20 and and the O keeps it over 20 as an average over the season, you'll probably have a winning record (old RoT I remember). After four games it's 24-21; make your own conclusions.

Me, I see a big winning streak at some point soon. I say they crush them next time. :slight_smile:

You're right, blackandgold. Over-reaction on my part. Just don't see the advantage of tying up an International roster position with an RB who doesn't appear to add any dimension to our game not already provided by Whitlock, and two Nationals in Timmis and Thomas-Erlington.

We have a crying need for a kick returner, and IMO, a sure-handed deep threat receiver with some size and weight. I see those as better uses of the International position.

Maybe the bye week will let the coach rest a little and figure out how to protect against all those rushers.. of course CJ won’t do that next game so can JJ adjust accordingly this time. I’m not sure.
And we have two weeks to somehow figure out our return schemes and personnel. We need much better from these guys (coaching included)

A good post here from a SSK fan on Chris Jones defensive schemes, from CFL forum
from depopulationINC

I think a lot of that was a defense that changed it's look a stunning amount of times. There were personnel moving all over the place. A DE was playing S and got a pick. We saw LBs lined up as HBs and HBs at LB and S at CB and CBs at S. There were at least 4 different people at S in this one and the Corner changed a few times as well. Then they would do that 3 man rush where Masoli would get all day and did well....then comfort shattered with 5-6 coming and then some 4 man fronts. It is a lot for a QB to adjust to, and midway through the 2nd Q when the Riders started ramping that up more it seemed like Masoli was having a hard time reading things. His accuracy / completion percentage took a sharp downturn as the game moved along. It really when an impressively put together package by the Rider D. Their O is not there...but the OL played reasonably well in this one. Simply watching the changeups was fascinating.

Really feel this thread is a complete over-reaction.

How did Chris Jones out coach June Jones? Completely disagree.

I have been going to Ticats games for 40 years and can't remember a time when I've been more confident about our offence, our schemes and our overall team.

They won with a very flukie tipped interception return and one long rushing TD by Thigpen. Other than that Hamilton totally dominated the game both on O and D.

Masoli 333 yards; Bridge 101 yards.

Hamilton had the ball for 33 minutes.

We simply didn't finish. We finish just one drive and we win.

Mark this down we beat Chris Jones by a minimum of 2TDs in the rematch.

As Mike Babcock preaches with the Leafs - "It's never as good as it seems after a win; and never as bad as it seems after a loss"

Folks June Jones has completely turned this franchise in the right direction. Don't panic.

Great comments. Very accurate assessment.

We got beat mostly on special teams. Our field was just longer than the Riders'.

That and a few lucky/unlucky plays by both teams. Their guy makes the circus catch, our guy doesn't. Our fumble pops up into a defender's hands, their fumble bounces straight to a teammate.

Def agree that it's not time to panic and I'm def with you on feeling more confident in the offence then I have been in years but i dont think it's so wrong saying we were outcoached. they shutdown our offence constantly held us out of the endzone and overall made Masoli uncomfortable with constant pressure.

The interviews last week were the most praise for another coach I've seen from June Jones like he knows Chris Jones has our offence figured out. He was constantly stressing that Saskatchewan was gonna blitz hard and often, he knew what was coming it wasn't Saskatchewan playing lights out with surprising flawless execution it was Chris Jones knowing how to beat June Jones offence and our weak points. Until June beats Chris in 2 weeks he should be considered outcoached

Hey DrWhiskey
With all due respect, how can you say Chris Jones knew exactly what was coming when we had 420 yards of offence, 25 first downs and 33 minutes of possession?
The stats say we dominated. I watched the game and we did. It was first down after first down. Long drives. Again we simply didn't finish one drive.
To flip the situation, the Ticats actually knew what was coming from the Riders offence. They could not do anything on offence.
Anyway we all want the same thing- a win in 12 days.

???dominated is a very interesting word for that game.

I said "June Jones" knew what was coming he talked about the blitz all week in the interviews on this site and how it was gonna be unlike any other team so far yet it proved entirely effective in stopping us.

It's not an end of the world horrible thing to be outcoached it doesn't mean your not still a great coach but if a team is a reflection of their coach and you take any credit for a win then you take some flak for a loss. I'd rather it be outcoaching and out- scheming that lost this game (that can be fixed), better then Saskatchewan just having better players or we're screwed next game too

According to TSN’s Derek Taylor, Jones rushed with more than four men on 51 per cent of the pass snaps.
That is Jones’ highest percentage, by far, since Taylor began recording pass-rush data last season. Jones’ previous peak blitzing frequency was 36 per cent, registered Oct. 13 when the Ottawa Redblacks won 33-32 at Mosaic Stadium.
Derek’s pass-rushing stats from Thursday break down as follows:
Rushing with three men: Hamilton quarterback Jeremiah Masoli was 4-for-9 for 54 yards.
Four men: 7-12, 130 yards; one scramble for 14 yards.
Five men: 5-10, 66 yards, with one interception and one sack.
Six men: 2-4, 25 yards; three-yard scramble.
Seven men: 4-5, 28 yards.
Eight men: 1-3, 30 yards.

That is the question the Tiger-Cats should have been asking Thursday, when they were never quite sure where to find Tobi Antigha.
On one occasion, Jones blitzed Antigha — who is listed as a defensive end — after he had lined up at cornerback.
Antigha flattened Masoli shortly after Hughes knocked the ball loose, plucked it from the air, and returned the fumble 57 yards for a touchdown.
Later, Antigha lined up at safety and registered his first CFL interception.


Solid post overall, just wanted to highlight the most important parts IMO.

Good lord the specials need work.

Masoli had a decent game. Nothing worth smashing him about, but nothing worth drooling over (record tieing or not)

He's definitely done enough to keep his starting spot over a rookie. (but we need to get off the the win-one-lose-one merrygoround sooner or later if he wants real job security)

Have to agree on the win-one-lose-one thing, Espo.

As I mentioned in another thread we are 12-10 with JM as starter. While some of those were in a backup role, hes 8-6 since last Labour Day.

The last time we had a D this good we were the early favourite to win the Grey Cup. We have to get more consistent on Offense and more specifically in the red zone. Not sure if its a personnel thing or a play calling thing in the red zone but it really does get better if this team is going to rip off a few wins in a row and potentially separate themselves from the East.

I'm tired of using last year as the bar or measuring stick, and I'm tired of being ok with .500. As a fanbase we deserve better.

At the midpoint last year most of this forum wanted a complete tear down from top to bottom, we decided that this June Jones/Jerimiah Masoli combo was the one to get us to the top of the East, so I'm not going to be ok with win-one-lose-one.

From a QB perspective when is it time to make a decision on a QB? Is it 20 starts? 30 starts? I honestly don't have the answer, I just know they get the credit when a team wins and the blame when a team loses. I also know we've suffered enough of those painful, frustrating, annoying losses like the one we experienced last week. Hopefully it was a blip and the real team we have was the team that beat Edmonton/Winnipeg with rather ease.

Right on Crash! Well said!

D has been lights out. The offense has been good, but consistently starting with bad field position isn’t doing the offense any favours. Hamilton must have the worst starting field position stat in the league. I don’t think it matters what QB you start the finish isn’t going to be stellar when you have to always go 70 to 90 yards to score. Special teams need to be fixed.