Just Got Out-Coached by Chris Jones

Chris flippin Jones.

Back to work everybody. Parade plans on hold. No excuses.

All those the stats were fun though. Werent they? :wink:

Dear Chris Jones,

Thanks for showing us how to stop HAMs offense

Love, rest of CFL.

Exactly, just blitz it heavy

Turning point of the game came early. We ran ragged over the Sask defense on the 1st series.
2nd and goal from the 2 and we passed the ball. Run it twice and it is 7-0.
And the sky is not falling and the team will beat Sask next game. Its the CFL where anyone has a chance to win a home game.

We came out running the ball with Whitlock in the 1st qtr and were very successful with that,
then moved away from it, when we stopped running, thats when they started bringing some heat on Masoli.

Was Chris Jones defence good in this game, or did we make them look good by not scoring on our chances?

Did they deserve to win or did we deserve to lose? I say the latter. :-\

It was 2nd and 2 from the 4.... Worse actually. Have to try to at least 3rd and 1. Wasn't a fan of that call but what can you do.

SSK adjusted to run and shut it down. We kept running same offense.

I can't agree more than this . That 2nd and 2 near the goal line pass bothered me.

Yeah so you allow their D to pressure the QB and have him scramble all over the place and you can win game! A concept we saw with ā€œ you know who? early last year when O -line was horrible. But I though JJā€™s run and shoot was supposed to overcome the QB pressures?????

Even though we squandered some chances, SK showed that making Masoli uncomfortable will hurt his accuracy. While there were a few catchable balls there were dropped, there were also a few times Masoli was lucky not to get intercepted throwing into coverage.

I think another important aspect was personnel in the SK front seven. Even when they didn't load the box, they won a lot of individual battles at the LOS. Charleston Hughes' play this game helped make the case that he's still worth paying a premium for.

Incompletions are bad, but at least our QB isn't getting pounded into the dust every play. Last year's regime was permitted 8 straight losses to adapt and overcome their deficiencies.

I may have missed it ā€¦ but did John White get hurt or something? I don't remember seeing him after the first drive.

Oh, the humanity...'nuff said. :-[

Hughes should not have hurt us the way he did since he should be a Ti-Cat. We let him go for peanuts.

Then we probably don't have Breaux.

8)I was thinking the exact same thing. I think White carried the ball twice, and was never seen
again in the game !!

  1. How very true !! And it only took 4 games to figure out how to do it !!

Thats the cat and mouse game all teams have to play. We need to make better adjustments at half time and game to game. Such as more plays into the flat or screens. Running game got stuffed in 2nd half.
Sometimes, it appeared we fooled ourselves in the play calling.

This game can be used as a turning point or building block.
Our defence played a pretty good game, but we need more turnovers.
Return team needs a lot of work; we shouldnt have to drive 70-80 yards each drive.
Nothing in this in this game suggests that JM should not get the next start.

Not impressed with White at all, not much of an improvement over Whitlock, who as a RB is a good DT. Go with the two Canadian kids, and dump White for a good return man.

White had 2 carries. Made something out of nothing on his first carry for 11 yards and a 1st down and was double teamed behind the line of scrimage on the other. He had zero chance on this play. You are a tough critic