Just got in-who won the Stamps vs. bombers??


Just got in. did the Troy Westwood led Bombers make a game of it??????????

What happened KK?????????

Did Kevin Glen prove he is a starter in the CFL???????

Did the Bomber defence dominate??????????

Just checking! :rockin:

Riders Rule
Bombers Drool

lol, you da man Turkey, fortunately I was spared the agony of having to watch the slaughter myself. Congrats to Reynolds for a career game and kudos to Stamps fans for braving that weather...oh and Brian Clarke is still a classless piece of schlit from what I hear about his remarks about his former team.

Brian Clark is all class. The only remarks I’ve heard from him lately about Winnipeg was when the camera got up in his face after he knocked out that kickoff and he said “That’s what you get, Winnipeg!”

Not an out of the ordinary thing to say to a team that got rid of you, IMO.

I think Brian Clark is the biggest cheap shot in the CFL. But that's just me.

Because of what?

The name A.J. Gass doesn't ring a bell?????

This week it is Brian Clark, last week little Niky! Wow jealousy is alive and well!

Winnipeg did get 10 points, but we got illed, totally illed!!!