Just Got a Phone Call from Turkeybend 3

He tells me the Argos have a 15000 season ticket waiting list, the Al's have signed 8 more quarterbacks, and of course Darien Durant is going to be MOP this season.


Durant is toast, his day has come and gone I'm afraid. :stuck_out_tongue: Riders are "downhillers" all the way this year. :smiley:

Not sure how familiar you are with TURKBEND. If you are not now, when the season kicks in you soon will be.

Spoiler alert. Be very careful when reading and responding to one of his posts.

I fell hook, line and sinker in one of his traps and it was :oops: :oops: :oops:

If you watched him through out the years and then saw him this spring at camp, I really don't think you would be saying that. Without a doubt, he looks better prepared for the season than he has at any other years. I had my doubts but he is looking better than he has ever been so far at camp.

It is " A Whole New Bungle"

Well played. :thup:

And the Turkey's response probably is... " only the last part is true (or at least matter's)"

Let the games begin as long as we remember it is just a game

Where is Turkey anyways?

I dunno, but I can only think of a few places (jail, potash mines) that don't have some kind of internet access available to everybody :wink:

Maybe he got blocked out the forms like I did and decided it was time to call it quits. His last post was around the same time as the original Bungle. I honestly only rejoined because I thought someone needed to stand up to Area 51. I was going to wait until the start of the season.
I'm honestly giving the CFL one last season to turn itself around,or I'll be joining in the 25% of its fans from 2013 and stop watching too.
The CFL has lost 25 % of its viewers in two seasons and I don't blame he fans. In 2014, I fell asleep watching most games. In 2015, I'd shut the game off completely if there was more than 3 consecutive plays with penalties.

No idea what you feel you have to "stand up" to me about.

I call it as I see it, my friend. Not sure why you'd feel so compelled to "stand up" to reality and factual information.

The egg on face comment did it.

Yeh, like in the "New Mosaic" forum where you saw the "benches for seats at the meeting room" :lol: :lol: :lol: and then REDWHITE so delicately pointed out to you that what you were looking at were acually "SEATS" and not benches, which was obvious to anyone who seen the picture. What "you see" and what is reality are obviously Night and Day. And Pleeeeaaaassse quit considering your viewpoints as fact, instead of the misguided "what I see" blindness that it is.

Under the bus goes Area51.. or maybe it's under the bench...lol

It's not official until either Marty York or McMahon confirm it.

TBEND, might be one of those you only hear from during the season.

There are many regular members not seen or heard during the off season.

we had turkeybend over supper the other day, and before we put him in the oven, he told us not to believe a word bungle says about him

If your knees weren't shot already, I'd hack you down to size old man.

Yah you wish!! :cowboy:

you couldn't catch me :stuck_out_tongue: