Just got a Facebook ad for CFL branded firepits

Not sure if this is old news but I tried a forum search and found nothing. Thought I'd share it here for those folks who don't recieve targeted ads online. firepitscanada.com is selling CFL firepits, grills, covers, and roasting sticks for each team. Sorry, no "Eskimos".


Part of the reason they call Toronto "the big smoke"

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Wow nice,, that’s a first, those will sell I’m sure of that. Great idea.

The link worked when I posted it but now I'm getting "Gateway Error" and "Internal Server Error". It appears we crashed the website. :sweat_smile:

I would buy some of this stuff.

I also think your first picture is an appropriate reflection of the Argos.

Love em and would get one except they are $610 compared to others they have at $280 .

Pretty steep but they do look great .

If the ships goin' down in flames we may as well roast some marshmallows!

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