Just From Reading the Game Stats...

I was reading the scoring plays and saw that Setta kicked a 64 yard single. That's a bomb of a kick.

I also saw that Myers kicked a 43 and 11 yard field goal.


Last year with Boreham an 11 yard field goal wasn't a guarentee... 17 was a bomb of a kick for him.

Looks like our kicking will be good either way...

But my heart is with Setta. I'm a huge Notre Dame fan.

I hope that someboby picks Myers up though. I'd like to see him in the CFL.

Both guys punted well. I think the next game will be an important separator if their respective camps as a whole haven't clearly indicated to the staff which guy to keep.

The Canadian depth, particularly on the D-line, might give the team an opportunity to keep both and split the kicking tasks. However, I still think it is a one-man job ideally. I would lean towards Setta in that case.

Oski Wee Wee,

The job is Setta's. He has a monster leg. If he is having trouble with field goals, he'll work on it in practice and the results will show.

Kicking is not something we have to worry about this year.

I've been waiting to hear those words for a long time!

If we had better kicking last year we start the year 1-0. Who knows what else might have been different.

Then again...

We wouldn't have had to go out and sign Charlie Taffe. Maybe it's good that we stunk up the league last year.

We don't want him to boom too many of these 60 yarders or else goodbye and hello NFL like what happened with the Bombers kicker going to the Pack.

Yeah, it's weird... there's like a fine line as to how well you want our guys to play! :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously we want them to play as best they can... but if they're too good... "bye bye".

But at the same time... it's nice to see the guys move up to the NFL. We can be proud that we (the Ticats or whatever other CFL team) gave them the chance to play pro-ball when the NFL didn't...

And then they were discovered... BECAUSE OF THE CFL.

It gives our league more "street cred" with the American players.