Just for you, RLR.

I wasted too much time writing this, not to post it, so here goes.
Do with it as you will.

I won't deny I can be slightly antagonistic, because occasionally, I let my naturally sarcastic nature get the better of me.
But describing me as any of the other things I am honestly telling you about yourself?
Highly doubtful.
I try very hard to obey the forum rules.
I respect my fellow posters, and treat even those I do not respect, such as yourself with the respect the rules, and common decency demand.
And I don't think I am ever particularly disruptive.
And if on occasion I have been, and I get my wrists slapped, I generally apologize and cease and desist.

It isn't about disagreeing with people.
As I have told you numerous times, and it always fell upon deaf ears, it is about treating people with respect.
It is about how you disagree, not the disagreement itself.
Or put another way, disagree yes. Be disagreeable, no.

anyway, just to place a fine point on not obeying forum rules--and I might be wrong about this--but using your friends IP and alias to post after you yourself have been banned likely breaks some rules.

I suggest rather than getting him banned as well, and debating me about something of which I have no control and no first hand knowlegde, you PM or email one of the admins about this and ask them.

I suspect I have given you more of my time, and a sincere response than most of the residents of this forum community would have bothered doing.
Understand. I won't miss you.

But foolish as it may seem, I believe in rehabilitation and second chances.

Good luck with that!

'Nuff said.

And I already see from at least one post you have made elsewhere what an utter waste of my time it has been.

he actually was both of those guys? lol

He/they claimed to be roommates, but who knows...I suspect they were two different people, based on their styles...they're both gone, at any rate...

i was wondering where they went to

They were banned? Really? I never thought I'd see the day... I don't know what to say. I have a tear in my eye. I'm so happy!


But seriously, if they were both banned, 'bout friggin' time! Maybe now there won't be so many arguments and locked threads. :roll:

Oh yeah well the injury to Chris Szarka is more damaging to the team than Ricky Ray's!! Just kidding Chief, just kidding. :smiley:

Let me be clear, when y’all say “both”, you mean bclions4life and RLR??


Wow. I will actually start participating in the forums again. It just wasn't insightful or fun anymore. Well, it was in places but one had to sift through alot of chaff to get to the wheat, as us prairie folk would say, and that was too painful and timeconsuming. Thank you, mods or whoever had the spine to do the right thing.

RLR and L4L are not the same person. They are roommates, as they have said. I know them. Also, don't accuse me of being one of them under a new alias. For starters, I'm a Riders fan. Neither of them would ever say/type those words. Ha!

Although, I found L4L's "post" rather ironic...especially in light of the Austin/Tillman fines. "What did I/we do wrong???" Silence, followed by a fine/ban.

HA! That's what's gonna burn those two up the most. The fact that they just pulled an Austin/Tillman. Hahahaha!

Maybe they learned their lesson. They really want to be here . They love their Lions is there anything wrong with that. I know I havent been here too long but the stuff that I have read from RLR and BClionsforlife havent been any worse than some others. Maybe ban them for a couple weeks and see if they tone it down a little. Consider it a 2 week sentence and put them on parole.

...and you are saying this to who?...

That's the issue, though...they got the warning from admins, and instead of toning it down, it got worse...admins make the decisions on this, not the mods...unless we get the go-ahead from the admins, they're gone.

That is because you dont see what the mods move to the archive


The funny thing is, I could describe YOU as everything you just called me. You have not answered what I have done to be banned. I don't see what I have done wrong. It is natural for people to disagree on certain matters but there should be no reason to ban someone a person disagrees with.

End quote

You know just playing devils advocate here - change "I" to Tillman and banned to "fine" and the similarities are just way to bizarre !!!

I'll think of you RLR when the Riders meet the Lions for the western final - hopefully it will be me smiling and happy to not have it rubbed in if they lose lol

Plagiarism isn't cool man. Hahaha!

That's alright. I think you said it more clearly than I did.

thank you whomever you are.

those 2 really got on my nerv.

Since RLR you liked to use this so much:

CFL.ca forum > RLR and BCL4life

I'm really at a loss to figure out why both of you figured that you were above the forum rules. No one here, not even the mods, are greater than the sum of all the forum's parts. I told you some time ago that to get respect you have to give it, its too bad you didnt heed my advice, both of you would still be here if you paid attention. Like Arius , I wont miss either of you. It seems there is someone already in line to take your place-- and the person im talking about is a Lions' fan to boot.

I cant say I disagree with the admin for taking these measures. It is sad to see anyone removed from any situation no matter how troublesome those individuals may have been.

It will be interesting to see if the general tone of the forums calms down(Im talking about myself here mostly). I cant stand that I lean more toward fanatic than fan personally. But this is sincerely a lesson for me that sometimes when you truly love something so much, it isnt always worth fighting for.


P.S. Im going to take the high road when it comes to badmouthing people who arent here to defend themselves. Badmouthing, it seems, only hurts the badmouthers in the end.