Just for Johnny, Reinebold replaced

Ticats set to shuffle coaching staff
Posted on August 7, 2017 by Drew Edwards // 0 Comments
The Ticats are set to shuffle their coaching staff, including a change at defensive coordinator.
Defensive coordinator Jeff Reinebold, who has been with head coach Kent Austin for his entire four-plus seasons in Hamilton, will be replaced by linebackers coach Phillip Lolley.

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Edm starting tackle Tony Washington also released and instantly signed by Hamilton. What a great day

Rowdy Roddy Reinbold is done, 'ccording to his tweet!

Guy wsrough news from the get-go. proven flunkie, repulsive personality& supreme egotist.

He'll probably rub up to Milt or Dunign, trying tofilch Schultzie's TSN spot.

Guy ran a great special teams & played a made in Quebec acoustic guitar in his office. (Seagull)
He got the shaft

Not surprising, something was going to happen in TiCats land for sure.

Cat's flattened Reinbold's tires eh....Don't know why he's still hanging around Hamilton....trying to get his tires fixed on the hawg I guess...I doubt whether another team will pic him up...His replacement should fire up their team a tad next game....Bombers beware ::slight_smile:

They'll be jacked for sure. Bombers still slight favorites! SRR will win 1 or 2 vs. bombers - Guaranteed!
If bombers get upset by Tigers then get swept by SRR - oy vey!

Your really hoping now, me too but that will be interesting,.

He got the shaft? WTF are you talkin' about?!

His defence was giving up 39 points per game on average. His defence never gave up less than 32 points in a game. You remember the game against Calgary?

Not only did he deserve to be fired, he should be banned from the city of Hamilton!

Here is film of recently fired Reinebold, looking over his playbook, and asking himself what went wrong...


If a shakeup was necessary, Jeff should have returned back to his ST coordinator duties.
Requiring a major change as not even close to last year's performance under Reinbold.

There are many who are happy about this.

Lets remember, that JR is a person .

Show some heart people.

Never good when someone is out of a job.

I think he is more of a scapegoat. With all due respect to the Cats , they just have lousy players.

Spare me on how many injuries they have.

Stamps and Esks have more injuries than any other team, and well .........

The TiCats special teams have been very good this season. It really is the only bright spot on the team,
It would be difficult to fire the only Coordinator on the team that was having success and replace him with Reinebold.

Damn it! Hamilton just got better ;D

That was a LOOONG time coming. Reinbold is NOT a DC and never should have been given the position. I bet they regret ticking off Stienour now!

Idk Steinhaur was pretty solid but his final year here was brutal, dumbest defence ive ever seen. Blitz 7 and back dbs off by 20 yards and let all the underneath passes be caught and turned into 30 yd gains. I mean he blamed inexperienced dbs but seriously, how is it better to play them so far off yet still blitz, all QBs had to do was dump it underneath and the WR didnt see a defender for about 10-15 yards first contact.

Could that maybe have had something to do with the Ti-cats blocking his chance to become a HC and forcing him to play out his contract?

Reinbold will be defined by the number of coaching jobs he's had since his halcyon days as Dick Vermeil's summer-camp coffee fetch.
Just another American blow-hard with fancy schemes and superb double-talk but can't understand why sub 80 IQ ball-players can't understand his complex jib-jab.
Left a ton of bad debts and other things behind during his Winnipeg fiasco.

Unsettled man. Worse football coach!

Aloha, Reinbold. Hopefully, this time for good!

Lyle, I don't mind differing opinions on JR but lets be fair with the facts.
Court records show his landlord filed a claim in late July and discontinued the matter (read in "got paid") 14 days latter.
JR showed up in Winnipeg to apply for The HC job with a then unheard of "power point" presentation c/w video clips inserted showing how bad the on field product was.
He basically templated his work @ BC and showed the Bored what every other team knew.
Now, then and perhaps still, The WBBFC Bored aren't black and white, more red or white (which wine they are consuming at which particular circle j they are at).
"This guys got powerpoint" they slurred, and then for the first time ever realizing the shyte they were serving up on sad fans, they had a choice, hire this guy first or open another fine vintage.....didnt matter, powerpoint won.

So Lyle, blame it on Microsoft!!