Just for fun

Ok, leaving out Flutie and Moon who are arguably, the greatest two ever in the CFL, what other QB, that you have seen play, live or on classic replay, would you wish to have on your team, in their prime, today.

For me, its Matt Dunigan, followed by J.C. Watts and Holloway.

For partly sentimental reasons, Joe Paopao gets my honerable mention.

Sonny Wade

Depends on whether Casey Printers hit his prime or not.

Rocky Butler!

Danny Mac, the two runner ups would be ...
The Little General Ron Lancaster...
Dieter Brock...

In the spirit of Red05's answer:

Tee Martin!

Hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Lancaster. . .
. . . or Jeff Bentram

Milt Stegall!!!

He can do EVERYTHING!!

Stegall takes the snap.
Drops back.
Rolls out of the pocket!
Finds Milt Stegall all alone!
Milt Stegall makes an amazing one-handed grab!!
Laterals to Milt Stegall!
He’s at the 40, gets a key block from Milt Stegall!!
He could…go…all…the…way!
TOUCHDOWN!!! Milt Stegall!!!
Oh my Milt Stegall!!!

I have too much free time.

Sorry :frowning:

Lancaster, Wilkinson, Jackson, Dunnigan I would take in their prime!

me thinks good choices

For me, it'd be:

  1. Russ Jackson (greatest Canadian QB ever in the CFL)
  2. Tom Clements (smartest QB IMO)
  3. Ralph "Dieter" Brock (strongest arm)
  4. Ron Lancaster (best leader)

Honourable Mention
Ken Ploen
"Indian" Jack Jacobs

Can you tell which team I love!!

Brilliant list!! Though I could see Dunigan and Wilkie there too.

I’d only add Jackie Parker to the Hon Men list. He was more of a runner than a QB which is why he wouldn’t be on the main list.

I do believe that JP was the best all around football player ever to play in Canada. QB, DB, RB, receiver and kicker.

Interesting that Damon Allen's name hasn't come up!

For me I would take any of the first four and maybe throw in Warren Moon.

Both Flutie and Dunnigan benefitted to much from the free spending days. Teams such as Toronto, BC and Calgary were able to spend massive dollars in the short term to win championships. Whereas, the first 4 didn't benefit from that type of an environment.