Just for fun point out the coaching errors last night

NEVER EVER have i posted fire the coach. For a fact Austin will not be fired this year with the money owed to him. And maybe he doesn't deserve to be fired but our team was badly outcoached last night.
Lets everyone point out the errors they witnessed and see how many we get to.
It has been mentioned rushing 3 on 2nd and 26. It wasn't even the fact they rushed 3 as much as they telegraphed it. That was bad. The defensive play calling resembles a poker player. All in on one play, slow play the next with no plan or rhythm.

Badly mangled the time management just before half cost a chance for points.

For the 1st time all season ZC was in a rhythm on offense with a few consecutive 1st downs and some dummy decides now is the time to bring our backup QB in for a play. Horrible decision.

We needed a FG last drive. Did anyone speak to Speedy not to run the full width of the field sideways to waste time?

On the first drive an incomplete pass to the endzone saw the Edmonton player with his hands all over our receiver, why not challenge?

I am not a coach and just watch the game for enjoyment but when a team is well coached offensive yards look easy. Every throw ZC made was into traffic, long wide 40 yard throw for 5 yards. 2nd down routes short of 1st down markers. Sandlot play calling.

The coaching staff had a horrible game plan. If not for the awesome effort from the front 7 and specials this never is close.

It was unfortunately men coaching against boys last night. It won't happen but the coaching staff needs upgraded.

Sorry, forgot the 2nd and 4 call in the 4th quarter and how poorly the team compensated for the loss of DB Lyn

Main three for me...

  1. The last possession of the first half. At least TRY to get some points before the half.

  2. The last drive. I'm not even mad at the run on second down. But we're up by 2. Go for it on third down. Kill some more clock and if you don't get it, Edmonton is still deep in their territory.

  3. The 3 man rush to close out the game. Reilly had all day with no pressure to pick us apart. And he did.

I have to disagree with you on this one if you're suggesting that putting Masoli in for that one play was the cause of Collaros under-throwing a deep pass, intended for Tasker, right into the hands of an Eskimo defender for an extra-easy interception. You're right in that, on HAM's first possession of the 2nd half, Collaros had just completed 4 straight passes, for 3 first downs, gaining 48 yds. Strangely, perhaps from some half-time adjustment, the receivers, on each of those plays (Tasker, Saunders, Jones and Collins), were clearly open. Then, at the E47, Masoli handed off to Banks who gained another 18 yds. but Collins was flagged for holding and it was 1st & 20 when Zach returned and threw it away. What I see as "dumb" is that this was the first time, that I recall, in this season of Collaros struggling to find his game, that Masoli has been put in for a play other than in short yardage situations.

I would love some double barrel QB action until ZC finds his groove.
Austin did it with Henry and LeFevour.
Wilkenson/Moon, Barnes/Holloway.
My point being as you pointed out why then? When you haven't done it once all season??
That shows a coach who had already made up his mind and had no feel for the game,.