Just for fun. Number 1

just for fun......what did you like the best growing up;

a game of pick up football in the park?
Street hockey?
Finding your dads playboy stash?
The partridge family?

Let me know.
P.S. congrats Winnipeg!

Fishing with my Dad. Nothing comes close.

Now I take him fishing.


Nice. That’s the off season answer I’m looking for.


no lie. It was playing football and soccer, and a lot of other sports.

aside from that, growing up was no picnic

Growing up in Vancouver was good.


Probably street hockey. I was watching a couple kids playing in their driveway a couple days ago--one as goalie, the other as shooter--and reminisced about doing the same.

At one point, I had gotten a white plastic Canadian-Tire goalie mask, and my friend and I would intentionally aim our wrist shots to the face so we could then add magic-marker "scars" to emulate Gerry Cheevers.

These days, with all the fuss here regarding NFL vs CFL, I like to reminisce about pick-up football games when we would imagine ourselves as NFL and CFL stars indiscriminately. One play, Condredge Holloway would be completing a pass to Jerry Rice. The next might see Joe Montana tossing a TD pass to Tony Gabriel. Great fun.


We played a lot of soccer to. Back then the parks were so full,
We’d sometimes play on the street or church lawn.

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ya know, looking back it was kinda weird. Dont know why we did it. I lived right beside a field not overly used, yet we had three fenceless backyards connected that we often played ball in. go figure :slight_smile:


Hells ya! We’d paint those masks like Dryden or Palmateer or make our own. I remember watching “ The Catch” when I was around six at my dads annual Grey Cup party.


The first two on the list in no particular order.

My dad never had a stash of any kind and the partridge family,not my cup of tea even though I did watch it once in a while growing up.

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More of a Brady Bunch guy?

Yep you can say that. I do catch it sometimes on METV.

Pickup football games at the school across the street every night with 10-20 steady participants. Usually ended with some Red Rover and British Bulldog. A lot of street hockey too.

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We used to play night football in the winter when it snowed.

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Did you play pickup football before the Grey Cup.

We used to do that on Grey Cup Sunday.

Pickup ball during daylight hours and the 2nd half afterwards.

The 2nd had the better finishes at the time.

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Can’t say I’ve tried that. But we did play dodgeball during recess on the frozen baseball diamond.

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Every time...before the game and at halftime.

Not using snowballs or in some cases iceball I hope.

Just being outside with my friends playing a myriad of sports.

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Don’t remember specifically playing around the Grey Cup as it was too cold in Winnipeg.

I would say during the day or afternoon.